Transportation Agencies Workplace Wellness Services

Transportation agencies are some of Strives’ most successful clients. We consistently demonstrate expertise in providing full-scale turnkey workplace wellness programs that are implemented locally and nationwide. Strive wellness expertise extends to all types of employees including:

  • Drivers
  • Rail operators
  • Mechanics
  • Field workers
  • Office personnel


What are examples of transportation agency workplace wellness programs?

We provide a wide-range of offerings, to support agency wellness and health management initiatives. Sample offerings include:

Musculoskeletal strengthening programs

Onsite & virtual group fitness classes

Health assessments

Stress management programs

Onsite & virtual stretching programs

Fitness center staffing and management

Health promotion seminars and workshops

Wellness program management

Strive Fully Indemnifies Transportation Agencies of Liability

There are liability issues involved with onsite and virtual wellness programs at transportation agencies. Agencies working with Strive are fully covered under our comprehensive coverage. This includes workers compensation and a provision of services. We ensure our clients are protected from all liability.

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Wellness Programs

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Fitness Center Staffing & Management

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