Onsite or Virtual Corporate Stretching Classes

Stretching Classes

Whether your workforce operates in a sedentary environment, or is a high-labor group, organizations can help incorporate regular stretching into the workday to relieve and prevent chronic pain, combat poor posture, and reduce stress. Onsite or virtual stretching classes give your employees the tools they need to improve their physical and mental well-being, and to feel more productive and engaged.

Stretching is a long-term investment in the vitality of your organization. With benefits such as improved flexibility, reduced tension, and better stress management, stretching classes promote healthy, active lifestyles and encourage employees to be proactive in treating and preventing common MSK-related issues or discomfort.

Strive Best Stretching Classes

Strive offers live and interactive stretching classes nationwide, 24/7, and fully administered by our highly experienced team and dedicated project manager. We host stretching classes virtually and onsite, and our clients are fully indemnified of any risk associated with the services. When you partner with Strive, we handle:

  • Recruiting and hiring certified instructors
  • Online enrollment system and liability waiver management
  • Marketing communications
  • Coordination
  • Engagement data and reporting
  • Invoicing

From 24-hour operations with multiple shifts to hybrid workforces, military clients, and seniors, stretching classes are customized to your unique needs. For example, if a client runs a trucking company, we want to know if drivers are short or long-haul, as it affects the class design. Strive works with you to ensure the least disruption to operations without sacrificing the value of the best stretching classes such as:


  • Stretch ‘n De-Stress
  • Strengthen and Lengthen
  • Stretch in Your Chair
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) Strengthening
  • Intro to Myofascial Release
  • Deep Stretching
  • Active Stretching

Strive Certified Instructors

Our certified instructors are of the highest quality and thoroughly screened for:

Experience requirements
Performance (off and online)
Background and reference checks
Up-to-date certifications

The Science of Stretching

The undeniably positive impact on the body and mind makes stretching ‌a crucial component of workplace wellness and overall health. Much more than a feel-good practice or an exercise afterthought, stretching is a vital component of a well-founded employee health and wellness strategy. In addition to core benefits such as expanded range of motion, reduced risk of injury, and pain relief, stretching classes help:

  • Improve blood and nutrient supply to muscles
  • Increase muscle strength for better posture
  • Instill mental calmness and clarity
  • Release tension in the muscles to lower stress levels
  • Improve blood flow for increased energy



Can We Do One-Off Stretching Classes?

Strive takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to wellness. One-off stretching classes can be arranged on a case-by-case basis (i.e. to support a health fair), but generally we do not support these requests. We prefer our user experience to benefit employees with consistency and long-lasting benefits and behavior change. Our onsite and virtual stretching classes are typically scheduled on a weekly basis, annually.

How Long are Stretching Classes?

As long as you’d like! From daily, 10-minute stretching classes to weekly 30-minute yoga sessions, our unit cost remains the same. You determine the duration that best serves your goals and objectives.

How Much Do Stretching Programs Cost?

Pricing varies! Please book a discovery call to provide specific details of your needs and a Strive wellness specialist can price it out for you. We can also serve you in a consulting capacity if you’re still in the planning phases of your program or initiative.

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