How Strive Helps Multifamily Fitness Facilities

We provide condos and luxury apartments onsite fitness classes, like:

• providing on-site fitness classes and personal training
• offering health education
• community activities and events
• designing and developing on-site fitness centers

These services help senior living centers, condo communities, and upscale residential buildings enhance their culture of health. At the same time, we’re providing on-site fitness to residents and tenants.

Luxury apartments onsite fitness is a well-liked amenity. Upscale apartments and condos benefit from adding onsite gyms. Many have taken over first-floor retail space to offer residents fitness facilities that are spacious, contemporary, and feature natural light. In fact, some properties report significant increases in sales after adding onsite fitness centers. It’s beneficial for both property management companies and tenants.


  • Minimal administrative burden for staff
  • Simplified interactions with a single designated liaison
  • A nationwide network of service providers
  • Centralized invoicing
  • Qualified, certified, and professional instructors
  • Safe equipment and facility coordination
  • A wide range of today’s hottest fitness classes
  • Ongoing engagement and marketing strategies
  • Flexible programming that can be adjusted in real time
  • Comprehensive liability coverage

Onsite Fitness Classes for Multifamily Fitness Facilities

Strive’s on-site group fitness classes for condos, apartments and multi-tenant housing units, include the hottest workouts:

  • Tabata Training
  • Spin Cycle Classes
  • TRX Circuit Training
  • Mat Pilates
  • Functional Fitness
  • FUN Bootcamp
  • And more!

Anything our fitness clients want – is arranged and incorporated into their programs seamlessly, effectively, and feasibly.

Coaching Staff & Personal Trainers for Residential Communities

Onsite personal trainers are an affordable, effective alternative to hiring full-time staff. This empowers the community with professional fitness support. Strive onsite group fitness classes improve engagement and optimize use of the facilities. They provide the community health benefits of:

  • Improved fitness levels, body mass, and cholesterol.
  • Significantly lowered stress levels.
  • Increased quality of life.

Staffing & Management for Fitness Facilities

Besides staffing fitness facilities with certified trainers and instructors, Strive can also find and place director-level staff for running the day-to-day of a fitness facility. We can also provide services that extend beyond the operations.

Check out our page on wellness staffing and management for an in-depth look at our process and capabilities.

Fitness Facility Design & Development

Multifamily and residential communities interested in building a brand new fitness center work with us to get their centers built in as little time as possible without sacrificing the quality of the facilities. Existing facilities work with Strive to turn over the management of their facilities and assess the performance of their facilities.

  • Fitness center design
  • Fitness center staffing
  • Fitness program assessment, management and reporting

How Strive Revives Multifamily Fitness Facilities


We can give a gym a substantial makeover without costly renovations. How? By adding a few pieces of equipment and trained staff to engage residents. The result does wonders for any existing fitness center. We know it’s overwhelming to internally hire staff to manage an onsite gym. And it’s a headache to recruit instructors for group fitness classes. Then, there’s potential liability issues.

That’s where we step in. Outsourcing residential community fitness and wellness services to Strive, allows property managers to reap the rewards without the headaches. We’ll provide a full range of services, taking the residential gym to the next level. Take advantage of our decade of industry-expertise. We’ll provide exceptional customer service along the way.

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