Educational Health Talks

Educational Health Talks

Are you looking to help your employees feel supported and engaged at work? Do you want to support your employees with stress management and coping?

Now it’s easy, with Strive’s virtual health talks on a full spectrum of health and wellness topics. If you can’t find a topic you want, ask us. We’ll customize a topic to meet your population’s specific needs.


Strive’s virtual health talks are professionally delivered by our nationwide network of certified health coaches and education specialists. Your virtual health and wellness talk will be delivered in a turnkey fashion using our proprietary registration platform. No need to worry about compliance issues. The Strive delivery platform is HIPAA compliant- and fully secured with end-to-end encryption.

Need reporting? We’ve got you covered. You’ll receive detailed reporting on engagement and utilization. Certainly, you’re busy with everything going on right now. You don’t need to add anything else to your plate. Rest assured; we’ll handle all administrative details for you. Your virtual health talk is fully administered by Strive Well-Being. Let us take care of: 

Full coordination 

Communication and marketing administration

Delivering a variety of virtual fitness and wellness topics

Providing utilization and engagement reporting via our dashboard

Clients have loved Strive’s virtual health talks:

“Strive has been innovative and creative in their integrated suite of virtual wellness and return-to-work services, designed to help keep workers fit and well during the current health pandemic.  I know that when we offer Strive services to our clients, they are going to be safe, high-quality solutions that respond to the fast-changing health and fitness needs of those employers,” says Robin Rager, Ph.D., Vice President, Health Management at Keenan.

Strive Virtual Health Talks on Mindfulness


  • How to be “fully present” and manage distractions
  • Mindfulness/meditation 101
  • Quick tips for integrating yoga in the workplace
  • Releasing tension in the hips and back
  • Releasing tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Simple solutions to achieving high-quality sleep
  • Staying on track during crunch season
  • Train your mind: Managing pain and preventing injuries
  • Stress reduction and management 101
  • Stressed? Overwhelmed? Productivity and solving the myth of work-life balance
  • What are warning signs of stress? How to identify and manage it
  • Yoga fundamentals – what it is, benefits, and simple practices
  • Yoga for everyone – developing a practice at home
  • Yoga for migraines
  • Yoga for pain management
  • Mindfulness: Tips and tools to help disconnect
  • Working parents – how to manage work and parenthood
  • Stress management strategies for working parents
  • Ways to cope with stress 101
  • The power of positive thinking
  • Fifteen creative ways to reduce stress
  • Aligning chakras 101
  • Balancing work 101
  • Benefits of getting enough sleep
  • Beyond coping: learn how to overcome stress
  • Brainpower 101
  • Breathing, meditation, and mindfulness 101
  • Daily rituals for stress relief
  • Discovering stress relief practices that work for you
  • Harmful effects of stress and the mind-body connection
  • How to handle stress 101
  • How to sleep better at night
  • Improving sleep for a more energetic life
  • Incorporate yoga practices into your day, off the mat
  • Master the art of sleep
  • Mindful leadership using yoga and meditation practices
  • Mindfulness at work

Inspire better nutrition and improve quality of life for your employees. Choose from a variety of nutrition and healthy cooking virtual health talks.

Strive Nutrition and Healthy Cooking Virtual Talks


  • The ABC’s of vitamins
  • Benefits of eating grass-fed
  • Benefits of eating organic
  • Best foods to eat and the best foods to avoid
  • Cheap, healthy eats
  • Clean eating: how to do it
  • Dietary guidelines 101
  • Eating during pregnancy
  • Eating healthy while eating out
  • Eating whole foods
  • Eat to reduce cardiovascular risks
  • Eat to reduce diabetes risks
  • How to: Clean and healthy eating
  • Fad diets
  • Food additives
  • Healthy eating, living well
  • Healthy food choices for weight management
  • Robust meal planning 101
  • Healthy nutrition 101
  • Healthy nutrition for the busy professional
  • Healthy and satisfying substitutes
  • Healthy fats/carbs/proteins and how they affect you
  • How food affects your mood and what you can do about it
  • How to incorporate green smoothies into a busy working lifestyle
  • How to meal plan/prep to set yourself up for success
  • Hydration 101
  • Improving cholesterol 101
  • Lunch – eat up for energy
  • How to make cooking a fun adventure for the family
  • Mindful eating
  • Office snacking: the do’s and don’ts
  • Nutrition and wellness habits for high quality living
  • Mix-n-match veggies
  • Nutrition myths 101
  • Nutrition – meals under 30 Minutes and meal prepping
  • Power breakfast
  • Sensible and slimming snacks
  • Sugarholic: Kick the cravings and transform your health
  • Suggestions for stress eating
  • Superfoods 101
  • Supermarket survival
  • Vitamins, macros, micros, and all things nutrition 101
  • The dirty dozen/clean fifteen
  • The yoga of eating – principles for eating mindfully
  • Understanding alcohol
  • Unraveling food labels
  • What’s for dinner?
  • Why sugar is so addicting and hazardous to your health
  • Five ways to feel fuller longer


Virtual fitness education talks inspire healthier habits and improve quality of life for your employees. Choose from our long list of topics.


Strive Virtual Fitness Education Talks


  • Avoiding back pain 101
  • Benefits of incorporating movement into your life
  • Daily microbreak stretches at your desk
  • Daily stretches at your desk for optimal vitality
  • Daily stretching routine
  • Discover what you love so exercising doesn’t feel like a chore
  • Dispelling exercise myths
  • Exercise for busybodies
  • Exercise – getting started
  • How to battle the desk job body: exercise and ergonomics
  • Healthy fitness 101
  • How to construct a workout plan for different goals and schedules
  • How to maximize your workout
  • Physical activity tracking: mobile devices and wearable technology
  • Positive commitments to fitness
  • Secrets to getting into great shape for summer
  • Workout at your desk
  • 10,000 steps
  • Three secrets to great abs
  • Eight time-saving tips to get fit and trim

Some of our clients involved under this initiative of virtual health talks include:

The nation’s largest health plans

Insurance brokers

Hospital systems

School districts

Transportation agencies

Federal agencies



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