Corporate Chair Massage

Whether you’re looking for a way to elevate employee well-being in your workplace or a fun, engaging addition to a conference or event, Strive’s corporate chair massage services are available nationwide. Perfect for stress and therapeutic relief, providing onsite chair massage draws employees in to relax, release tight muscles, and experience a sense of rejuvenation.

Corporate chair massage contributes to stress management, improves morale, and builds on your organization’s culture of wellness. It demonstrates value and appreciation for employees and the hard work they do to advance company goals. Best of all, onsite chair massage requires minimal internal marketing from your teams — these services attract participants all on their own!

Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage

Ideal for even fast-paced environments, onsite chair massage is accessible, convenient, and time-efficient. Even a 10-minute chair massage has wellness benefits such as:


  • Stress reduction and productivity enhancement
  • Employee satisfaction and retention
  • Boosting morale and team cohesion
  • Enhanced focus and creativity
  • Pain relief and prevention
  • Improves physical and mental health

      Strive Onsite Chair Massage Services

      Strive’s onsite chair massage services are available nationwide and fully administered by our highly experienced team and dedicated project manager. When you partner with Strive, we handle:


      • Recruiting and hiring certified therapists
      • Facilitating proper equipment
      • Online enrollment system and liability waiver management
      • Day-of coordination
      • Engagement data and reporting
      • Invoicing

      Strive Corporate Chair Massage Therapists

      We work with an extensive network of professionally-licensed, fully-insured, pre-screened massage therapists across the country. Thoroughly trained in seated massage techniques and accustomed to operating in corporate and event environments, Strive’s therapists are skilled in friendly, professional interactions. We are dedicated to creating a comfortable atmosphere and a soothing experience for every participant.

      Chair Massage Services Relieve MSK Issues

      One of the most pressing health issues our workforces face today is musculoskeletal (MSK) health. Affecting more than half of Americans over the age of 18, MSK issues are the most common cause of long-term pain and physical disability (back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, spinal deformities, etc.). This makes MSK health a determinant factor in one’s quality of life.

      Some of the most common causes of MSK issues in the workplace are:

      Repetitive motion
      Prolonged sitting
      Inadequate ergonomics
      Heavy lifting
      Excessive force

      Corporate chair massage is an effective way to combat the effects of physical demands in the workplace that wreak havoc on our bodies if left unaddressed over time. It can help decrease aches and pains, cut medical costs associated with MSK issues, and relieve muscle tension.



      How Often Should We Do Onsite Chair Massage?

      As often as you can! Strive hosts onsite chair massage for events like health fairs, conferences, retreats, employee appreciation days, etc. We also have clients who embed chair massage into their wellness program, scheduling it on a monthly, or even weekly, basis.

      How Long is Each Session?

      The duration of each participant’s session varies based on the number of hours chair massage is scheduled for (five hours minimum), and the number of employees to be served. Sessions can range anywhere from 8–15 minutes. Organizations can also choose to leverage multiple therapists to accommodate more people, or for longer sessions.

      How Much Does Corporate Chair Massage Cost?

      Pricing varies! Please book a discovery call to provide specific details of your needs and a Strive wellness specialist can price it out for you. We can also serve you in a consulting capacity if you’re still in the planning phases of your event or initiative.

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