Musculoskeletal Programs

Workplace Musculoskeletal Strengthening Programs

Musculoskeletal (MSK) pain and injury affect workforce health status and account for more healthcare spending than any other single health condition. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, musculoskeletal injuries significantly contribute to the imbalance between hours paid and hours worked, leading to a significant decrease in workforce productivity.

Strive’s musculoskeletal strengthening programs teach employees how to stay strong and flexible to reduce the pain and injury that stems from tight, stiff, or rarely used muscles. Our MSK programs are available in several different formats including more intensive physical therapy options.

Corporate MSK Strengthening Programming

Strive’s full range of MSK classes, therapies, and services give employees life-long tools to maintain healthy muscles that don’t hinder their everyday lives. Our musculoskeletal strengthening programming includes:

  • Live, instructor-led classes (onsite & virtual offerings)
  • MSK, stretching, & ergonomics workshops (onsite & virtual offerings)
  • Strength & conditioning coaching from Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists (available onsite & virtually)
  • Structured wellness challenges

For more intensive physical therapy options suited for soldier readiness or rehabilitation, we provide Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists.

How Do Virtual MSK Classes Work?

Employees register for their classes through Strive’s registration platform. Strive instructors go through a robust operating protocol and framework to ensure client employees have a positive experience every class. Virtual stretching classes are optimized for delivery including audio quality, background, and video standards.

Strive can work with the internal HR, safety, and wellness teams to create dedicated onsite space for streaming a stretching class.

How Strive Gets Corporate MSK Programs Up and Running

Every client is assigned one of Strive’s account managers that follows a time-tested roadmap for launching new programs that works just as well for enhancing already running programs.

  • Administering a needs & interest survey to employees
  • Collaborating with the client to maximize wellness budget
  • Vetting instructors for classes & workshops
  • Coordinating location for onsite offerings
  • Marketing the program to employees
  • Hosting sign-ups through the Strive wellness platform
  • Fulfilling program schedule
  • Reporting & program assessment
  • Streamlined billing

Working with Strive, our clients are assigned a personal program coordinator. The program coordinator will oversee every aspect of the musculoskeletal strengthening program. Our network of prescreened certified therapists, instructors, and providers extends nationwide. We can implement wellness initiatives in one location, across the city, state, or nationwide.

We’ll handle the hiring of instructors and trainers, and we arrange any necessary equipment to support the success of the MSK program. Administrative aspects of the musculoskeletal strengthening program are streamlined with Strive. Everything needed will come directly from Strive Well-Being.

Our musculoskeletal strengthening programs can be combined with other wellness initiatives. The Strive program coordinator will manage additional services or programs: one point of contact – and one source of administration – for the entire wellness package.

Frequently Asked Questions


How are Strive Instructors Screened?

Strive instructors go through a rigorous screening process before they are presented to our clients:

  • Thorough background checks
  • Thorough reference checks
  • Thorough certification checks (nationally recognized)
  • Experience requirements
  • Proven to motivate, encourage, & engage employees

What if an Instructor Isn’t a Good Fit for Our Team?

We will take care of supplying a better match, because of how important it is to have instructors that harmonize with the team.

When we search for a replacement, we aim for a quick and seamless transition that doesn’t interrupt the cadence of delivering classes every week. New and long standing partners can expect the same attention for ensuring their teams can participate in their fitness classes without interruption.

How Do Strive Fitness Programs Handle Liability?

Strive has comprehensive liability insurance coverage that fully-indemnifies our clients of risk. We prioritize safety, which is reflected in our internal safety policies for staff, services, and facility management.

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