Strive Corporate Wellness Programs

Strive corporate wellness programs engage your employees, improve the health and well-being of your workforce, and lower your employer health care costs. Maybe you’re not too familiar with wellness, but have been tasked with developing a wellness program. Or you may be looking for a vendor to provide all of your wellness components.

Not to worry. Either way, the winner is you. Strive makes wellness easy! 

What do Strive Corporate Wellness Programs include?

Strive corporate wellness programs can be focused on one aspect of health. Or they may include a combination of elements. Popular topics include:

Zoom Fitness Instruction
Onsite Group Fitness Classes
Onsite Personal Training
Health programming
Health Screening Events
Virtual Health Coaching
Educational Seminars and Webinars
Stress Management
Zoom Virtual Corporate Yoga Classes
Remote Zoom Mindfulness Meditation Sessions
Wellness Programming
Virtual or Onsite Stretching Classes
Onsite Chair Massage

You can work with Strive to provide a full wellness programs with all necessary elements. Or alternatively, have us provide “à la carte” services. Offerings we don’t provide in-house are provided by our strategic partners. Virtual programs can be delivered for your remote employees. Provide wellness sessions on a regular basis or just for special events. Virtual health fairs, open enrollment kickoffs, and employee fitness classes are all offered by Strive.

Are corporate wellness programs effective?

Yes. Corporate wellness programs help employees improve healthy behaviors. And they help reduce unhealthy habits. Studies show that employees participating in wellness programs see improvements health measurements including:

Exercising more often.
Smoking quantity and frequency.
Losing and maintaining weight.
Eating more fruits and vegetables.
Reducing fat intake.
Lowering body weight, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure.

Participating in just one wellness offering helps employees improve health and lower risk for disease. However, employees who participated exclusively in a health coaching program were likely to lower any five of seven health risks:

Blood pressure
Body weight
Cholesterol levels
Physical Inactivity
Tobacco Use

Furthermore, when employees participated in additional wellness activities, odds increased that these risks were reduced. To summarize, one corporate wellness class produces good results, but a full roster of wellness programming produces great results! And now, during COVID-19 pandemic, Strive is providing remote and virtual corporate wellness programs.

Chances of developing chronic disease can be reduced by:

Walking at least 30 minutes a day.
Eating nutritionally-balanced meals.
Not smoking.
Maintaining a waist size less than half of one’s height.
Drinking moderately.

Achieving all five goals can reduce healthcare costs by 33% to 50%. If three out of four Americans made these changes, annual healthcare expenses could be reduced by $600 billion to $1 trillion.

How are corporate wellness programs funded?

Some corporate wellness programs are fully-funded by employers. Others have employees contribute on a per-session or monthly basis.

Wellness programs have emerged as a response to spiraling healthcare costs, high absentee rates, and reduced productivity. These factors relate to the poor health of American workers. Obesity alone is associated with missed work. In fact, it costs over 8.65 billion dollars annually. This accounts for nearly 10% of absenteeism costs. Studies show that chronic diseases affect 117 million Americans. This accounts for 75% of all healthcare expenses. As the numbers relay, unhealthy workers are expensive workers. 

Thinking about adding a corporate wellness program?

If so, know that it will improve the health of your workforce. Additionally, it will lower your healthcare costs. That’s a win-win. To make it even easier, we’ll help you create an initiative tailored to your employees. Our portfolio of wellness programming includes:

stress management classes
fitness classes
yoga classes
personal training
health coaching
and more!

We’ll assign you a personal project manager. Your project manager will help craft your wellness program, making it results-oriented and cost-effective.

Workplace wellness programs made simple

Not all workplace wellness programs are the same. Strive Well-Being does wellness right. We’ll help you design a wellness program incorporating key elements for success. Our solutions include:

  • Over 80 classes and services to select from
  • Nationwide implementation
  • Customer service provided by a single point of contact
  • Virtual or on-site delivery 

We’ll deliver a turnkey results-oriented wellness initiative for you. We’ll meet your needs, fit your budget, and simplify the process.

Experts reveal that successful employee wellness programs incorporate five common elements. Your Strive representative will ensure your corporate wellness program has the Five Components of a Successful Corporate Wellness Program. We’ll integrate these important elements into a successful corporate wellness program for you. Strive makes wellness easy! 

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