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Engaging corporate fitness and wellness programs are trending in the workplace. With Strive workplace wellness and fitness programs, you can attract and retain a healthy workforce. Strive Well-Being has a leg up on corporate fitness! We’ll help you get wellness right.
Currently, more than 70% of U.S. employers offer wellness and fitness programs to their employees. That’s no surprise, considering that the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion has set national health goals for keeping the nation healthy. These programs include a variety of components, from health and nutrition coaching, to onsite group fitness classes, and personal training. Some offer behavioral wellness initiatives, like weight loss programs. Others focus on helping employees quit smoking. Many include health screening events and educational seminars. Webinars and wellness consulting are also popular.

Recent popularity of workplace wellness

Workplace wellness and fitness programs are popular because they’re effective! They help employees improve healthy behaviors. The result is significantly reduced unhealthy habits. Studies show that employees participating in corporate wellness programs, see noticeable improvements in health and wellness measurements. These improvements include: How often they exercise Smoking quantity and frequency Losing and maintaining weight Eating more fruits and vegetables Reducing fat intake Lowering body weight, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure

Positive impact on healthy behaviors

Not only do workplace wellness programs produce real, measurable results. Wellness initiatives at work impact perceptions. Both employers and employees agree that workplace wellness and fitness programs have an impact on healthy behaviors. In one study, 50% of employees participating in wellness programs felt they improved their eating habits and walked more. A full 25% of employees, said they were closer to a healthy weight. Now, that’s something to be happy about. While only half of the employers formally evaluated their wellness programs, these employers believe that workplace wellness programs have an impact on productivity, absenteeism, and healthcare costs. One study found that the return on workplace wellness and fitness programs was $2.71 for every dollar spent on employee wellness. Another found that a program providing employees with exercise training and cardiac rehabilitation resulted in an ROI of $6 in healthcare savings.

Five factors of successful employee workplace wellness programs

Experts recommend incorporating five aspects into an employee wellness initiative. The most successful employee workplace wellness programs have five factors in common.

1.      Communication:

Effective wellness programs create awareness among employees. Precise program information needs to be communicated. For example, clearly explain what’s being offered. Employees need to know how it works. They want to know what to expect. We’ll help you with this. For instance, you’ll receive marketing communications. Strive will provide posters, flyers, and email templates. Additionally, we can create other employee communications you may require. We’ll help ensure your workforce is fully aware of the programs you’re offering. Strive helps you generate excitement about participating!

2.      Employee Convenience:

For an employer-sponsored wellness program to work, it has to work for your employees. Programs need to be located onsite. They must be in an easily-accessible location. The program has to be offered when employees are available to participate. Strive takes care of this for you. We’ll work with your staff, creating a flexible schedule. As a result, employees attend at times convenient for them. That’s not all. Strive hires qualified instructors for you. Additionally, we’ll make sure you have any necessary equipment. Finally, your employees just need to show up!

3.      Management Support and Engagement:

Studies show that employees are more active in wellness programs, when top-level managers and direct supervisors participate. Only your organization can garner support and participation of managers. However, Strive can increase the likelihood of their support. How do we do this? By making sure your managers don’t take on additional responsibilities for your wellness initiative. Strive handles enrollments or online sign ups for your programs. Additionally, we’ll distribute and manage employee liability waivers. Strive streamlines your administration and billing. Now your top-level employees won’t be overburdened by paperwork. All they’ll need to do is jump in, and join the fun!

4.      Leveraging resources and relationships:

Companies with successful wellness programs minimize spending. Conversely, they maximize offerings. How do they do it? By using existing connections. Most importantly, they utilize connections with healthcare companies. Strive provides a comprehensive range of workplace wellness programs. We offer 80+ services nationwide. Therefore, you can implement your program anywhere your business operates. Being a strategic vendor for large health plans, Strive directly invoices many insurance companies. Alternatively, we work with wellness dollars and funding efforts. As a result, you leverage resources with minimal administration effort.

5.      Ongoing Evaluation:

Feedback is a key component of your wellness program. It’s crucial to understanding employee engagement. Certainly, feedback is essential for improving services offered. It’s necessary to provide the right classes. Strive makes it easy for you. How? We’ll provide real-time updates and reports. We do this throughout your workplace wellness program. Strive helps you assess employee engagement. We track participation. Ultimately, we’re measuring metrics of success. If one of your offerings is under performing, we’ll offer it at different times. Or drop it altogether. Alternatively, we’ll add time-slots for popular classes.

How could it be easier than that?

Wellness program implementation

Strive makes wellness simple! A single point of contact will be assigned to you. This point person handles administration and coordination details. Your program coordinator will help you customize a wellness plan. It can include one element or many. Choices include stress management options like onsite yoga and chair massage. Fitness classes and health coaching. Your initiative can be implemented in one location. Or, in offices across the country.

Rest assured, we’ll take care of:

employee liability waivers
comprehensive liability coverage
reporting and program assessment
billing – including directly invoicing your healthcare provider

Strive works with you every step of the way. Together, we’ll create a successful wellness program.  Modifications are made real-time. As a result, you reap all the benefits.

You’ll appreciate the ease of running Strive workplace wellness and fitness programs. Your employees and your bottom-line are the winners!

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