Strive Serves Brokers & Consultants

Strive Well-Being is a strategic vendor for large insurance brokers and population health management consultants nationwide. Our corporate wellness programming is custom-designed to support and complement group health management strategies for their clients. Strive helps brokers or consultants and their clients:

  • Develop wellness plans
  • Create annual calendars
  • Design program strategies
  • Customize solutions

Strive’s team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to managing client wellness services on behalf of brokers and consultants. Our experts in the health and wellness field have an impressive track record of successful large-scale projects and of implementing sustainable wellness programs for insurance brokers.


Strive Wellness Consulting & Employee Wellness Program Implementation

From workplace wellness consulting to fully administered implementation, Strive is a one-stop shop for brokers and consultants. Accounting for the workforce’s unique needs and the client’s budget, our team helps design corporate wellness programs with consistent offerings and opportunities to evolve for long-term sustainability. Strive’s goal is greater than delivering one-off wellness initiatives — we want to enhance the culture of health through long-lasting behavior change.

In addition to making specific recommendations, Strive provides complimentary resources like an employee needs and interests survey, a sample program calendar, and guidance on establishing success metrics and setting a budget. Our proprietary technology platform includes:

Streamlined liability process
Simple registration and class/event reminders
Data collection

Every client has a dedicated Strive program manager to partner with the internal wellness team or point-person. Our program manager provides marketing and communication materials, monthly reporting, and programmatic recommendations based on engagement data. They can be involved as little or as much as possible depending on the client’s internal resources and needs.

Strive corporate wellness programs are designed to be engaging for employees with a turnkey delivery model that eases the administrative burden on the client.

Strive Credentialed Wellness Consultants

Strive is a Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) partner and an Art and Science of Health Promotion (ASHP) partner. Strive Well-Being consultants are credentialed as:

  • Certified Corporate Wellness Specialists (CCWS)
  • Faculty of the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA)


We’re a Shortlister verified wellness company!

Strive Shortlister Verified Wellness Company

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