Fitness Program Assessment Reporting and Management


Strive fitness program assessment, reporting and management provides employers with a formal evaluation process, to calculate wellness program effectiveness. We help you measure program results like:

Exercising more often
Losing weight
Eating more fruits and vegetables
Reducing cholesterol
Lowering blood pressure


Why Fitness Program Reporting and Assessments?

Roughly 79% of U.S. employers offer a health and wellness improvement program with components like:

Health assessments
Fitness classes
Stress management options
Nutritional support
Disease management

Only about half of employers have a formal evaluation process, to calculate wellness program effectiveness. Strive fitness program assessment reporting and management provides this.

We’ve successfully provided fitness program assessment reporting and management to a wide range of clients. Employers average $700 per employee on wellness programs. Larger companies may spend $900 per employee on wellness. They invest in fitness and wellness because they’re proven to improve healthy behaviors and reduce unhealthy habits.

Measurable results are:

Exercising more often
Losing weight
Eating more fruits and vegetables
Reducing cholesterol
Lowering blood pressure

How does Strive Fitness Program Assessment Work?

First, we document baseline data when your program begins. Then we provide routine reports, detailing participation and engagement. Based on that data, you’ll receive our program recommendations. If a onsite class is under-performing, you’ll know to cancel it. When classes are popular, you can add more sessions, right away.

How Can I Evaluate the Efficiency of an Onsite Fitness Program?

Strive provides assessments to evaluate full program efficiency and liability. Here’s an example:

A Los Angeles area school district hired Strive to assess a wellness program, featuring onsite fitness classes in multiple locations. As a result, we reduced liability, by taking over the program management.

We took care of:

Hiring instructors
Verifying credentials
Indemnifying the district of liability, with our provision of services

We’re continually refining the program, using data from fitness program assessments. The assessments supply accurate reporting on:


  • Program participation metrics
  • Engagement in the fitness program

Fitness and wellness programs provide employers or communities with substantial ROI. One case study found that employers got a $2.71 return for every dollar spent on employee wellness. A program giving employees exercise training and cardiac rehabilitation resulted in an ROI of $6 in healthcare savings.

Employers see these programs work. The majority believe their workplace wellness programs have a positive impact on:

Healthcare costs

To get great returns and benefits for your community, a fitness and wellness program needs to implement evidence-based strategies and best practices.

Research reveals that successful employee workplace wellness programs incorporate five factors:

1.  Communication – to participants about what’s offered and how it works.
2.  Convenience – participation must be easy.
3.  Support and engagement of management – upper-level staff must be on board.
4  Resource/relationship leveraging – maximize offerings and minimize spending.
5.  Ongoing Evaluation – assessing health improvements, program popularity, and ROI.


Data Analysis Helps:

Identify the health risks most relevant to your population
Learn which offerings your population is interested in
Decide which types of programs to include
Establish baselines for participant health, through biometric and medical screenings
See which elements of your program are most and least popular
Determine which offerings result in the best outcomes
Adjust your program in real-time, to improve engagement or results
Demonstrate your program success to management or funding partners

Only about half of employers have a formal evaluation process, to calculate wellness program effectiveness. Our fitness program assessment, management, and reporting provides this. Evaluation is a critical factor in the success of your program. Success is measured in terms of – benefits to participants, and ROI to your organization. We provide detailed statistical analysis and reporting. This measures participants’ biometric improvements, in compliance with HIPAA requirements.

​Do You Have an Existing Wellness Program?

If so, we can provide program assessment, management, and reporting to maximize the benefits, and mitigate liability issues. We’ll examine your program, identifying areas to streamline or strengthen. We’ll make your program more efficient and effective.

How Can I Validate Effectiveness of Wellness Initiatives?

Strive offers data reporting, to help clients validate effectiveness of wellness initiatives. Here’s an example of how we helped a client. A local municipality was awarded a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant for developing a sustainable workplace wellness program. They established the program, and needed to prove its success. Enter Strive Well-Being. We provided:

  • Screenings
  • Onsite classes
  • Educational workshops

We generate real-time reports. These reports track rigorous statistical analysis on:

  • Biometric parametric improvements
  • Overall program engagement

Our assessment reports allow the city to validate its’ program sustainability. This demonstrates success to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What’s it Like Working with Strive?

You’ll be assigned a personal project coordinator. Your project coordinator will be responsible for you program. The coordinator will work with your organization to determine your fitness program assessment reporting and management needs. They’ll decide if a full program review is necessary. If not, Strive will start right in with creating data reports.

Your coordinator will help determine any additional wellness service offerings you may need. Onsite fitness classes and health-education workshops are valuable components to include in a wellness initiative. Strive health screenings and health challenges boost participation levels.

Whether you’re operating in a single location or nationwide, we can implement all programming for you.

What About Liability?

We protect your organization with comprehensive liability coverage. Workers compensation and a provision of services is included. Rest assured, that your organization will be indemnified of all liability.

Strive makes wellness easy!


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