Onsite or Virtual Corporate Wellness Challenges

Workplace Fitness & Wellness Challenges

Strive corporate fitness and wellness challenges give employees an incentive to get involved in their employer’s wellness program. By the end of a Strive workplace wellness challenge, employees will be familiar with the organization’s wellness program and all its offerings. The employees will be motivated to participate and will continue to see desired health improvements:

  • Weight loss
  • Lower BMI
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Better nutrition


What Are the Benefits of Workplace Wellness Challenges?

Workplace wellness challenges created by Strive are all the rage because they’re effective. Corporate fitness and workplace wellness challenges are a great way to:

  • Engage your workforce
  • Promote team building
  • Improve employee health
  • Increase participation in your employee wellness program
  • Contribute to better ROI
  • Lower health care costs for your organization

Research shows that employee wellness plans are effective at:

Reducing absenteeism
Minimizing health care costs
Helping employees improve overall well-being

Of course, an employee wellness program is only effective when an employee participates in it. Strive challenges can help get employees participating in classes, health screenings, and health education programs. It provides incentive to get involved. And allows them to watch their progress throughout the challenge.

What Can I Expect from a Successful Employee Fitness Challenge?

Companies across the country have achieved significant results by implementing employee fitness challenges. It’s common to see “The Biggest Loser” contests and workplace walking programs, taking place in companies across the country. Examples of success include:


  • 32,000 employees participated in Kroger’s “I Can Do That! Walking Challenge,” encouraging employees to track daily steps and earn prizes. By the end of the challenge, Kroger employees logged 3.7 million steps and lost 57,500 pounds
  • American Licorice Co’s annual 13-week “Biggest Loser Challenge” features onsite weigh-ins helping employees track weight loss progress through diet and exercise. By the third year, nearly half of the company headquarters staff participated in the challenge, and 71% of participants lost weight

What are Sample Results from a Successful Wellness Program?

Successful workplace wellness programs have yielded results like:

ROI of $3.27 in saved medical costs
ROI of $2.73 for reducing absenteeism
25% reduction in sick leave, workers comp, disability insurance, health plan costs

The Amazing Race Challenge

We’ve designed successful events for a wide range of clients.

One of these large-scale events was a two day “Amazing Race Challenge.” Over 30,000 employees of San Diego County participated.

Strive helped San Bernardino City Unified School District increase engagement with an existing employee wellness portal. We created an onsite physical activity challenge with a variety of classes. It was combined with a county-wide wellness challenge event, managed by Strive. This program won an award from the National Counties Association.

Corporate fitness challenges can incorporate Strive’s varied programming:

Onsite Group Fitness Classes
Onsite Personal Training
Educational Seminars and Webinars
Onsite Nutritionists
Health Coaching

We provide plenty of options for designing a unique challenge that will appeal to employees. To generate even more excitement, launch a fitness challenge with our Health Screening Event. This will allow recording initial data like weight and BMI. Alternatively, we’ll provide an Onsite Nutritionist for a healthy cooking demo to get everyone excited about losing weight. Throughout the challenge, we’ll track employee improvements. Success of the wellness challenge can be measured by overall participation, by fitness parametrics, or both. It depends on the organization’s goals.

How Does Strive Manage Workplace Wellness Challenges?

Strive will assign a personal project manager to coordinate your fitness challenge. That single point of contact will handle:

Designing a workplace fitness challenge to meet your goals
Providing marketing flyers and posters for your employees
Getting employees signed up, distributing, and collecting liability waivers
Arranging staffing or equipment needed for your challenge
Setting up supporting programming like health screening events
Providing ongoing reports to assess participation and results
Billing and administration for your challenge
Administrating additional Strive services or programs

Work with Strive exclusively for any employee wellness challenge. Or, add challenges as part of a comprehensive wellness initiative. No matter what, your Strive project manager will take care of the entire program.

This means minimal administrative burdens from working with multiple vendors. We’ll directly bill health insurance providers that have designated Strive as a strategic vendor. This simplifies the process even more.

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