Casino Employee and Guest Wellness Experiences

Casino Employee and Guest Wellness Experiences keep your employees energized while pampering your guest population. Strive delivers wellness and fitness for employees and their families. Equally as important as delivering excellence in fitness and wellness for your guests.

We exist to make sure your fitness and wellness program delivers! 

Don’t gamble when it comes to wellness of your casino or resort employees. Strive fitness and wellness services cover your fitness programming needs. Let us simplify your life by coordinating and delivering the entire initiative.

Wellness programs for casino employees

Hotel groups and casinos need:

Employee-facing workplace wellness services.
Guest-facing amenities related to health and wellness.

Exceptional employee and guest wellness experiences can transform your facility.  Strive Well-Being has experience working in these two primary capacities.

For casino employees, Strive created and delivers wellness and fitness programs. These programs include:

stress management classes
employee health screenings
nutrition coaching
wellness challenges
and more!

Guest wellness services

For casino guests, Strive delivers an array of fitness and wellness offerings. We create guest wellness experiences that are luxurious, yet practical. Some of our popular offerings include:

group fitness classes
onsite yoga
personal training
meditation classes

See a list of the trending group workout classes we deliver. 

On-site fitness services

We’ll manage and staff your on-site fitness programming. Our services make are easy for you to deliver. We do it all, including:

Providing certified fitness specialists.
Staffing your employee/guest gym.
Managing your class schedules.
Delivering regular reports.

With our assessment and reporting tools, you’ll be able to see what’s working. Then, we can adjust by adding or changing classes in real time! Your program success is our priority.  

When you work with Strive, your wellness initiative will be coordinated by a dedicated account management team. And, our nationwide presence ensures support to your locations nationwide.

Strive makes wellness easy! 

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