LA Metro Partners with Strive Well-Being Inc. for Innovative New Transit Ambassador Program as a Strategy to Improve the Customer Experience, Increase Ridership, and Reinforce Public Safety

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The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) approved a bold initiative to pioneer a multi-year transit ambassador program throughout its bus and rail system. Metro is contracting with Strive, a reputable and experienced wellness and community health partner, to implement and manage a diverse team of transit ambassadors. Strive will work collaboratively with local community-based organizations to offer a trauma-informed and rider assistance solution. The program is part of Metro’s plan to bring non-law enforcement representatives to improve the customer experience, reinforce public safety, and increase ridership on its transit system.

This program is the first of its kind in the region, and will employ 300+ ambassadors from diverse L.A. County neighborhoods. Strive will provide ambassadors trained in unconscious bias identification, trauma-informed response, de-escalation, cultural/situational awareness, customer service, disability awareness, and public safety.

Friendly ambassadors will provide a high-quality customer service experience and orient passengers with general transit information such as directing customers and paying for fares. They will also work closely with community-based crisis intervention teams and be equipped to call dedicated personnel within Metro’s public safety ecosystem.

Amit Sangani, Strive Well-Being Inc. President

“Our team is very excited to support Metro and the Los Angeles County community with this innovative and forward-thinking initiative. We look forward to working collaboratively with Metro to deliver a ‘care-first’ approach while improving the overall customer experience and reinforcing safety for public transportation in the region.”


Stephanie Wiggins, Metro Chief Executive Officer

“It is our top priority to improve the customer experience- including making sure our riders feel safe. In the coming months, we expect customers will see a noticeable difference with our transit ambassadors in place. Once they deploy, transit ambassadors will greet riders and help our customers have positive interactions with our system. Ambassadors will also work closely with community-based crisis intervention teams and be able to call dedicated safety personnel when needed quickly. Thank you to the Metro Board of Directors for approving this new program; I look forward to its full deployment.”

Hilda Solis, Metro Board Chair and Former U.S. Labor Secretary

“This pilot program will be a win-win for our riders and employees when it launches later this year. Transit ambassadors on our trains, buses, and at key transit hubs will help riders navigate our system, assist them with fare payments, and quickly address their issues. They will play a critical role in making our system feel welcoming for all and in bringing back ridership.”

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