In addition to total compensation, many companies are implementing wellness programs for their employees. What the program entails varies based on the company’s needs, but they often include options like exercise classes, cooking demos, or stress management programs. Launching a corporate wellness program requires establishing a budget, surveying employee interest, and potentially securing external wellness vendor resources.

When an employee not fully dedicated to wellness has other responsibilities to tend to, wellness initiatives may not take priority or result in much impact or sustainability. Corporate wellness coordinators dedicate their time to a successful program. They quarterback all of the administration by supervising the planning, implementation, and communication of wellness initiatives to employees.

In a post-pandemic world where many corporations maintain a hybrid model, there can be additional administrative burden when designing wellness initiatives. More than coordinating the program itself, wellness coordinators also:


  • Develop the strategic plan and framework for the program
  • Curate wellness offerings tailored to the company workforce population
  • Maintain engagement and participation in wellness offerings
  • Garner multi-level leadership support (executive, middle management, supervisors, etc.)
  • Push forward wellness initiatives
  • Ensure the wellness program/offerings adapt to the changing workforce needs
  • Manage the budget
  • Manage vendor relationships
  • Deliver programming and services

What Does a Wellness Coordinator Do?

The role of a wellness coordinator is multi-functional by design, but generally, they champion the overall strategy of implementing a wellness program. What this entails varies based on the size and needs of the company.

For example, a mid-sized organization may have staff that oversees the wellness program but needs 10-20 hours of administrative assistance per week to manage liability waivers, registration, or data tracking. In this case, a part-time, remote wellness coordinator could be a solution.

On the other hand, a larger-scale wellness program may require a full-time, onsite wellness coordinator that leads seminars, develops wellness champion strategies, manages a fitness center, and prepares employee wellness materials, among other responsibilities.

Launching a wellness program often begins with garnering leadership buy-in, promoting the program internally, and surveying where employee interests lie. Coordinators also administer other surveys and reporting throughout the year; such as annual broad wellness surveys, feedback surveys, and bi-annual health assessment surveys.

Wellness coordinators vet potential vendors and partner with external sources, liaising the information to and from stakeholders. With decisions finalized, it’s their responsibility to coordinate the delivery of the program, manage the budget, and facilitate and schedule offerings like:

  • Health fairs/clinics/seminars/trainings
  • Onsite/virtual fitness classes
  • Environmental wellness (kitchen, cafeteria, vending machines)
  • Health risk assessment campaigns

Learn how to optimize wellness engagement in the workplace.

Can a Wellness Coordinator be Remote?

Yes! Wellness coordinators can be remote, but it may affect the scope of responsibility, composition, and complexity of the program. Organizations that don’t require a full-time level of coordination could benefit from a remote coordinator.

Fitness and Wellness Coordinator Responsibilities

Wellness coordinators that manage corporate onsite fitness centers have distinct responsibilities. They oversee the instructors and work closely with health, safety, and facilities departments to ensure policies and regulations are met. Because the center is onsite, a fitness and wellness coordinator is not a remote position.

Wellness Coordinator Qualifications & Requirements

In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Public Health, health promotion, or a related field, it’s beneficial for a prospective coordinator planning to work in a corporate environment to attain certification from a nationally recognized organization. Corporations may also require 2+ years of wellness coordinator experience and/or the ability to demonstrate experience in planning, implementing, and measuring programs based on VOI.

When Does a Corporation Need a Wellness Coordinator?

A dedicated wellness coordinator has a unique opportunity to improve both individual lives and the entire company’s culture. The time and effort invested in a wellness program determines the value extracted.

For any sized corporation, there’s a significant underlying administrative burden when tracking registration and participation, communicating with vendors and contractors, handling liability waivers, and any additional technical programming. Leveraging a wellness coordinator increases employee engagement, program effectiveness, and the company’s ability to achieve its goals.

To be competitive, attract and retain top talent, encourage employee engagement, and ultimately improve business performance, a corporate wellness coordinator can also create a total rewards strategy, which reflects organizational values and culture.

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Strive Wellness Coordinators

A mid-sized organization often requires a different level of coordination than a larger enterprise. Strive has the resources to adapt to the specific function of a wellness coordinator that’s requested, whether that is a remote, part-time position or an onsite, full-time position.

Our services are not one-size-fits-all — Strive has the flexibility to provide solutions that meet the administrative needs of the employer and ongoing engagement strategies for employees.

Our team has assisted countless organizations to implement wellness programs and is experienced in building a wellness culture. Strive has the following options for wellness coordinator solutions:

  • Implementing wellness programs
  • Assisting existing wellness programs
  • Programming to remove/alleviate the administrative load
  • Onsite & virtual
  • Full-time & part-time

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