Yoga and stress-reduction go hand in hand. When it comes to workplace wellness, incorporating yoga classes is noticeably one of the most tried and true alternatives given the cost-effectiveness and widespread cultural adoption. As the popularity of yoga classes has grown, more individual instructors and companies are expanding their yoga offerings to employers and large organizations. However, not every instructor or brick and mortar business transitioning its services is equipped to work with organizations.

We’ve curated a list of five companies that are ready to help organizations serve their teams with virtual and onsite yoga classes.

5 Companies that Support Yoga Classes for Corporations

What to Know Before Hiring a Yoga Class Vendor

When selecting a vendor, the ideal match is one that minimizes involvement with the administrative tasks, and saves the team time and stress. Not every yoga provider is equipped to give an organization the assurances of smooth implementation and administration when it comes to their offerings. There are seven questions an organization needs to know about a vendor before choosing one:

  • Does the vendor manage class signups?
  • Does the vendor handle liability waivers?
  • Does the vendor have comprehensive insurance coverages and do they indemnify the organization of risks?
  • How engaging are the instructors?
  • How experienced is the vendor with delivering classes (onsite/virtual)?
  • If the vendor hosts classes virtually, does the vendor manage the hosting platform?
  • Does the vendor coordinate and manage the class delivery model?

Yoga Class Signups

Not all vendors have the experience or resources to administer signups for their yoga classes on behalf of their clients. The additional tasks then fall on the Human Resources (HR) teams of the organization or the wellness team if the company is large enough.

Liability Waiver Management

Chances are if a vendor does not handle the signup process, they probably won’t manage the liability waiver process either. Having an efficient liability waiver management process is crucial for onboarding employees into these wellness program offerings. Finding a vendor that handles both processes saves the HR team time on the initiative and provides an assurance of safety for the organization.

Indemnification of Risk

Not every vendor has comprehensive insurance and worker comp policies and is equipped to indemnify their clients of risk, which may cause an organization to think twice before cementing a partnership with a potential vendor. An experienced vendor will be able to detail what sort of coverage they can offer their clients.

Comprehensive general and professional liability insurance coverages are essential along with a workers comp policy to help mitigate risks due to the provision of these services.

An industry best vendor for virtual and onsite yoga classes should emphasize safety across all of its operations. This can include liability waiver management, staff and class quality control, a successful track record of zero injuries, comprehensive liability insurance coverages, and workers compensation for instructors.

Strive Well-Being

Our yoga classes are a popular choice for many of our clients. Our formats can be modified to your employee’s workstation, ranging from virtual or in person, sitting or standing, energizing or restorative, and with various class durations. Feedback we often receive is that yoga is a fun and easy way to break up a sedentary work day. It’s not uncommon for our clients to ask for yoga class formats that cover movement, mindfulness, and stress management initiatives all at once. These classes are relatively easy to implement, engage a broad range of demographics, and don’t require any equipment.

Additionally, our clients enjoy the low barrier of entry yoga classes have for their employees. An employee can participate easily from their desk or their living room if they’re working remotely.

Interactive Onsite & Virtual Yoga Classes Available

To add to yoga’s appeal, our classes can be hosted at the workplace or online. Our virtual classes are always live, interactive, and hosted exclusively for each client’s employees. Yoga classes can be done in quick 15-minute sessions to immersive 60-minute sessions.

Instead of providing generic instruction, our yoga teachers will tailor every session to the needs of the employees. This leads to better engagement and increases the longevity of the yoga classes.

To further increase engagement, our classes are designed for progression, giving employees a reason to keep up with their classes week after week.

Wide Network of Yoga Instructors for Any Modality of Yoga

Strive has a nationwide team of yoga instructors to provide clients with every form of yoga imaginable. All of our instructors are fully screened and vetted. Our instructor onboarding process involves the following steps:

  • Background checks
  • Reference checks
  • Up-to-date certifications
  • Meeting experience requirements
  • Screened for quality of instruction
  • Training on Strive systems and protocols

Our instructors are available for onsite and virtual yoga classes. We can also quickly find additional instructors if our clients require additional support.

Employee Registration & Liability Waiver Platform

We have our own automated system for managing employee class sign-ups and waiver forms. The information is stored safely and securely.

Additionally, we provide our own comprehensive waiver form and can further customize it to include any client requested language. This has the benefit of keeping the launch schedule tight, so employees can access new offerings within a couple of weeks.

Clients can access employee participation and engagement data to track performance. Every client has a Strive account manager that serves as a wellness coordinator for these offerings to give our client’s the flexibility and speed to pivot or fine-tune their programs.

We Fully Indemnify Our Clients of Risk

Strive has comprehensive liability insurance coverage that fully-indemnifies our clients of risk. We prioritize safety, which is reflected in our internal safety policies for staff, services, and facility management.

Before our clients’ employees can participate in any yoga classes, they must sign a liability waiver form hosted on our wellness registration platform.

Strive offers liability waiver management, liability insurance, workers compensation, verifying staff credentials and ensuring staff credentials are up-to-date, and routine quality control checks of staff class instruction.

Innergy Corporate Yoga

Innergy has been in operation since 2004. They offer services to companies in Canada and the United States. Innergy ensures their teachers are certified trainers as well as carry liability insurance. Their management team also works with clients to support any changes.

Innergy has a wide selection of yoga classes for employees of all skill levels and for a wide range of wellness goals. Companies interested in having Innergy facilitate their corporate yoga classes can check out their list of cities they serve.

Love + Asana

Love + Asana is a completely virtual service provider. L+A has packages for weekly or monthly classes with class lengths from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the session.

L+A is most familiar with tech companies in e-commerce, SAAS, apps and e-health. Organizations that like to work with boutique operations may inquire with Love + Asana.

REJUV at Work

Currently only offering virtual services, REJUV has more than twelve years experience serving corporations. REJUV offers webinars, classes, and massage services. Additionally, REJUV has offerings tailored for children for corporations interested in furthering their support for parents.

Companies looking for a vendor with a variety of offerings can look into REJUV.

NW Corporate Yoga

NW Corporate Yoga provides employers with measurable, virtual and on-site wellness activities designed to help make their employees happier, healthier, and more productive during the work day. The business has been around since 2013 helping big and small employers create work environments that attract high quality talent. They’ve always developed a wellness product line of aromatherapy doughs.

Looking to Add Yoga to a Wellness Program?

Our class pricing includes the class, account manager, and technology all bundled into one. Organizations looking for more than yoga classes can expect Strive’s services to all be turnkey and tailored.


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