Burnout is prevalent in the corporate world and employers are increasingly turning to employee wellness strategies to relieve it. Corporate yoga has proven to be an extremely effective stress management tool. It’s less intimidating than more intense workouts such as CrossFit or running, it’s a fun way to break up the workday with movement, and it’s low maintenance from an equipment standpoint.

Habitants of sunny San Diego are no strangers to living active lives, trying new fitness trends, or prioritizing nutrition — but how does yoga fit into the workplace? This article covers what to look for when hiring a yoga class vendor and highlights the 5 best corporate yoga companies in San Diego.

What are the Benefits of Corporate Yoga?

Designating time and space for employees to participate in a yoga class reduces health costs, improves productivity, and contributes to a more positive workplace culture.

Reduces Health Costs

Much of today’s healthcare costs in corporate settings stem from chronic stress. Yoga’s strong focus on the mind-body connection makes it a holistic outlet for stress management and preventing lifestyle-related health costs. Using controlled breathing, physical movement, and mental imagery, yoga helps employees relax and release tension that otherwise remains stored in the body.

Another practice to prevent chronic workplace stress in mindfulness meditation. Discover the Best Corporate Mindfulness Programs in San Diego

Improves Productivity

In addition to relieving distracting back or joint pain, corporate yoga strengthens interpersonal communication and emotional resilience. These benefits improve focus, enhance creativity, and support collaboration efforts in the workplace.

Develops Positive Workplace Culture

The positive perception and low-impact nature of corporate yoga classes attract fitness enthusiasts and first-timers alike. It creates an opportunity for people to move, breathe, and recharge together. The healthy connections that form translate into working relationships and promote a culture of health. This added value lends itself to lower absenteeism, higher retention rates, and a positive morale amongst colleagues.

What to Look for in a San Diego Yoga Class Vendor

Every company has unique needs when it comes to wellness implementation. Whether your company’s Human Resources team is quarterbacking these new initiatives, or you have a team dedicated to wellness, relieving administrative burden saves time and mitigates stress. It’s important to consider these seven questions when researching a potential yoga class vendor in San Diego:
  • Does the vendor manage class signups?
  • Does the vendor handle liability waivers?
  • Does the vendor have comprehensive insurance coverages and do they indemnify the organization of risks?
  • How engaging are the instructors?
  • How experienced is the vendor with delivering classes (onsite/virtual)?
  • If the vendor hosts classes virtually, does the vendor manage the hosting platform?
  • Does the vendor coordinate and manage the class delivery model?
Considering these key factors prior to selecting a vendor determines the effectiveness and sustainability of the initiative.

Top 5 Corporate Yoga Companies in San Diego

Strive Well-Being

Founded and headquartered in San Diego, we love working with our neighbors! When a client chooses Strive to implement corporate yoga classes, our team assigns a certified instructor from our nationwide network, or recruits, screens, and hires a brand new instructor. Strive yoga instructors submit a class series to ensure cohesion and progression, and sessions are monitored for quality.

Strive’s proprietary technology platform allows liability waivers to be signed with the click of a button, simple registration and class reminders, and engagement data collection. Our program manager serves as our client’s single point-of-contact and provides marketing materials, data analysis, and programmatic recommendations.

Our live, interactive corporate yoga classes are hosted either onsite or virtually, and are exclusive to each client’s employee population. Rather than generic instruction, Strive yoga instructors customize their class to the needs and interests of the participants and are available for one-on-one time for questions or clarifications. Class durations are customizable as well, though we’ve found 30-minute sessions are best for maximum employee engagement.

Yoga One

Determined to create healthier, happier workforces, Yoga One in San Diego offers onsite and virtual yoga classes for busy employees. Flexible scheduling, various formats that can be practiced in work attire, and marketing materials can be expected when you choose Yoga One for your corporate yoga initiatives.

Desert Breeze Yoga

An excellent solution for conferences, company retreats, or team-building events, Desert Breeze Yoga conducts onsite yoga for employees in San Diego. Desert Breeze Yoga focuses on reducing pain stemming from sedentary lifestyles, or relieving strain from standing for extended periods of time. They also offer short meditations and desk yoga in live, virtual sessions.

LoDo Chair Massage & Wellness

LoDo delivers onsite group or desk and chair yoga classes in San Diego as well as virtual options including chair yoga, classic yoga, and meditation. Employees can learn how to ease neck and shoulder pain and de-stress without so much as purchasing a yoga mat. LoDo also has wellness packages that include chair massages and yoga classes for varying durations.

Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga

Centrally located in San Diego, Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga’s corporate yoga program includes a 45-minute onsite yoga class, an online studio monthly membership, and a discount on their two-week studio membership. Free meditation and mindfulness classes are available in their San Diego studio throughout the week.

Strive Onsite & Virtual Corporate Yoga Classes in San Diego

Ready to create opportunities for employees to relax and recharge? Explore the benefits of fully-administered corporate yoga classes with a Strive wellness expert by booking a discovery call.

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