Even with the convenience of multifamily fitness centers, it can be challenging to maximize resident engagement. Many people love the idea of an onsite fitness center when touring the grounds, but a disassociation between the facility and residents keeps them from visiting the space. It’s common for avid fitness enthusiasts to stick to their established routine, while those interested in the multifamily gym aren’t as experienced or aren’t sure where to start.

Leverage engagement strategies to encourage people to lace up, give it a shot, and make it a lifestyle. Fitness centers have the potential to play a large part in tenant fitness journeys and retention rates. Onsite group fitness classes can help bridge the gap between residents and the fitness center. This article discusses the benefits of introducing group fitness classes to multifamily gyms and their impact on residents and community life.

Friendly Competition

Physical activity in a group setting is electric. People naturally feed off of one another’s energy as heart rates increase, breathing quickens, and minds engage. Group fitness creates opportunities for participants to encourage and motivate one another. As fatigue sets in, it can feel impossible to keep going. But when you see your neighbor pushing through, it inspires you to keep going — something you never would’ve considered alone!

Persevering through a tough workout inspires self-confidence and forms connections among participants who have first-hand understanding of the challenges you’ve overcome as a group. These connections carry over into everyday resident life, fostering a supportive community where people practice mutual respect.

The fitness specialists themselves provide extensive value, too. Group fitness instructors challenge, motivate, correct technique, and provide modifications for residents.


For many people, the most challenging aspect of exercise is showing up. In a group fitness setting, the dynamic holistically encourages participation. Instructors and participants know each other, have a shared connection, and may even look forward to seeing one another — especially in smaller groups. It’s easier to be accountable for a commitment when you’re not anonymous and your presence, or lack thereof, is noticed. Some multifamily gyms may require a financial obligation, inspiring a sense of accountability. These factors boost engagement levels for multifamily gyms.


Group fitness classes organically connect residents with people who have similar interests, priorities, and goals. Demographic differences like age fall by the wayside as everyone works towards a common goal, sweating, and conquering personal setbacks.

These shared connections create a happier, healthier, and more fun community culture that supports healthy behaviors and lifestyles. Residents who’ve never stepped foot in the multifamily fitness center may be intrigued and give it a try in an effort to join the community. The convenience of onsite group fitness classes also creates family fitness opportunities, such as parents and teenagers exercising alongside each other. This inclusive culture is attractive to prospective residents and bolsters retention rates.


Residents enjoy the variety of group fitness classes. Whether every session is unique or there’s a cycle of revolving classes, the diversity keeps minds and muscles engaged and avoids stagnation. It creates opportunities for residents to try new things, work different muscle groups, and improve their stamina.

The constant change and challenge in group fitness classes allows time to move quickly, making it easier to show up and conquer the workout each week.


To experience the benefits of consistent exercise, residents need opportunities to create healthy habits and routines. Building a routine can be challenging initially, but the fun, social, and confidence-boosting aspects of group fitness make it easier. Group fitness classes for multifamily fitness centers are typically 2-3 times per week. Property management teams can survey their population to discover what their needs and interests are, and the best times to offer classes for maximum engagement.

Strive Fitness Classes for Multifamily Fitness Centers

Many property management teams want to implement wellness initiatives but find it’s more administratively taxing than expected. Strive has mastered easy implementation. Our onsite or virtual fitness classes are delivered in a turnkey fashion where we take care of administration such as:

  • Recruiting, screening, & hiring
  • Coordination, liability, & registration
  • Data collection & analysis

Group fitness classes promote residents’ physical, social, and emotional well-being in addition to supporting sales and resident retention, fitness center engagement levels, and a healthy community. Strive can also provide personal trainers, design and develop a fitness center, or staff and manage it.

Book a discovery call to explore how Strive can help your community achieve its fitness goals.

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