Regardless of the size of a wellness program, all organizations have to manage the day-to-day administration. But the type of help each organization may need is different. Today we’re outlining the types of solutions an organization may need and spotlighting five companies to partner with.

Top Wellness Management Companies and How to Decide What Management Services are Needed


What Type of Management Is Right for My Organization?

Most companies start their wellness programs with their HR teams managing them. As the company and its wellness program grows, the complexity of running the wellness program within the organization requires a wellness program manager or outsourced help.

The core responsibilities of a wellness program manager:

  • Designs, implements, and evaluates the wellness program
  • Markets and promotes offerings to the organization
  • Works with wellness vendors
  • Communicates the wellness program’s value to stakeholders

Organizations that are looking to have their wellness programs managed have a few options:

  1. Hire a wellness program manager themselves
  2. Hire a third-party to place a wellness program manager
  3. Hire a wellness consultant/group to manage the wellness program
  4. Work with a vendor who takes on aspects of a program manager as part of their service

Many organizations can go with option three and four. The organizations that choose the first two options tend to be larger both in employee count and wellness program size.

Smaller organizations and organizations with developing wellness programs typically continue to have their HR teams manage their programs. With the right wellness partner, the additional work to run the wellness program is routine.

Strive Well-Being

Large organizations with developed wellness programs turn to Strive for placing full-time wellness program managers. Our large nationwide network of wellness specialists gets organizations quick placement for wellness program managers.

Many clients will work with Strive to hire and manage their wellness program manager on their behalf.

Our clients like to hire Strive to hire wellness program managers on their behalf and manage them. These organizations also rely on our expertise to find the best candidates for managing their programs. This ensures quick placement and also covers the organizations if a wellness manager isn’t working out. This is favorable for organizations that want to minimize administration bloat.

For organizations that don’t require a dedicated program manager, Strive provides an account manager to assist with the day-to-day tasks required for running a wellness program. All our clients have an account manager appointed to them.

Our account managers help by:

  • Providing wellness expertise for designing, implement, and evaluating a wellness program
  • Providing marketing templates to promote new wellness services
  • Send reminder and reengagement communications to the client’s attendees
  • Provide monthly engagement data for Strive services

This means our clients’ HR teams can operate at a high level instead of having to execute daily administrative tasks.

Strive’s Registration & Liability Waiver Platform

Our registration platform makes signing up employees simple by having them register for their classes and signing the corresponding liability release forms all electronically. This process is safe, secure, and efficient.

Our system also hosts engagement data for clients to track performance and fine-tune program offerings quickly.


Keenan is one of the largest brokers in the United States that provides innovative insurance and financial solutions for schools, public agencies, and health care organizations, specializing in California institutions.

Their large network of consultants and vendors gives their clients access to creating tailored solutions for their wellness programs.

Power Wellness

Since 1996, Power Wellness has managed over 50 fitness and wellness centers nationwide within the United States. They state that their team can transition an organization’s facilities in 90 days with results coming in as early as 180 days.

Power Wellness can be good for an organization seeking to outsource their onsite facilities.

Premise Health

Premise Health is a direct healthcare provider that also offers wellness management services. They work with a variety of organization types such as employers, health plans, and unions. Premise Health provides wellness management through their wellness program managers.

Organizations looking to add another team member to achieve their wellness initiatives can look into Premise Health’s wellness program managers.

HealthSource Solutions

HealthSource Solutions is another vendor that offers a wide range of offerings. They have three packages for wellness program management depending on the company’s goals for their program.

Looking for Wellness Program Management?

We have over 14 years of experience helping organizations manage and run their wellness programs. What we’ve learned is that every organization is different enough that a one-size fits all solution doesn’t work. Whether an organization comes to us looking for a full-time program manager or they’re looking for better operational rails to run their program, Strive has a solution to enhance any program so organizations don’t have to source from multiple specialized vendors.

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