When it comes to creating work-life balance in the post-pandemic era, incorporating a fitness and wellness program for an organization’s employees is more timely than ever. Not only is this known to help reduce risk of injury and boost productivity among employees, but also has effectively become an indispensable component to any competitive employment package.

At a glance, building out a wellness program may appear extensive. In which case, working with a corporate fitness and wellness company is a necessary step to fill the gaps of expertise and have the infrastructure to systemize the program approach. With a myriad of vendors out there, we break down what to look for in a corporate fitness and wellness provider, and who are some of the best companies in San Diego.

How To Select a Corporate Wellness Vendor

An experienced wellness vendor provides a seamless integration of services to organizations regardless of the wellness program’s size. Not every wellness program provider has the infrastructure and skills to give an organization assurances of smooth implementation and administration of services.

Not all vendors possess the necessary experience to administer the corporate wellness program that fits an organization’s unique needs, and the additional tasks often fall on the HR teams to ensure the wellness offerings are administered properly. A wellness vendor should add to the quality of the wellness program without adding administrative burden to it.

  • Here are the following ways a wellness vendor can reduce administrative burden for the organization:
  • Wellness programming is flexible
  • Services can be integrated into existing wellness program
  • Implementation timeline with streamlined systems and processes
  • Communication tools and templates for employee engagement
  • QA/QC with instructor onboarding and class programming
  • Provide data on program utilization and engagement
  • Attention and strong adherence to safety standards
  • Dedicated account management

Whether you are looking for a health talk or ongoing corporate fitness solutions for your organization, knowing what to look for in a wellness vendor is the first step to ensure the highest VOI on your wellness dollars.

Strive Well-Being

Strive fitness programming is perfect for organizations looking to engage employees regardless of how established their wellness program is. We have experience working with clients who are just starting out and organizations with longstanding programs and dedicated wellness teams.

Every client has a Strive account manager as their point of contact to help our clients determine which health and fitness solutions will advance their wellness initiatives. From ideation to implementation and reporting, your company’s account manager is there to assist you every step of the way.

We offer three modalities for enhancing a corporate wellness program that can be hosted onsite and virtually:

  • Live fitness or wellness classes
  • Health fairs and wellness workshops
  • One-on-one health and wellness coaching

From providing yoga instructors, monthly lunch and learns, or an entire program overhaul, we offer staffing and management for every level of your company’s workplace wellness with turnkey implementation. Strive is not just a corporate fitness program provider, we can support health initiatives across the entire spectrum of wellness.

Wellness Programming Variety & Flexibility

Our versatile programming is flexible, so whether your company is searching for options to integrate into an existing wellness program or fitness center, or build one out from the ground up, Strive offers turnkey solutions to bolster your program at any stage of the wellness journey.

If you need virtual fitness classes, stress-management workshops, or cooking demos for example, we help you determine everything from the frequency of offerings, class or workshop duration, communication strategy for engaging staff, and what metrics should be tracked.

Onsite & Virtual Wellness Offerings

Every client receives an exclusively-tailored set of wellness solutions, and all aspects of a client’s wellness package are created solely for their organization’s employees.

With over 14 years of experience in providing fitness solutions and proprietary software for class scheduling and program management, our team is fully equipped to provide your company with engaging virtual and onsite alternatives to fit your company’s needs.

Before scheduling classes for each of our clients, we have a kickoff meeting to introduce you to your account manager and identify what success metrics look like for your organization. From there, a needs & interest survey is deployed to the employee population to collaborate and design a program best serving their needs.

All of our onsite and virtual classes are exclusive to each client, so employees don’t have to share class time with people outside of the organization. However, employers can choose to open up their classes to employee families and friends, as well as anyone else the employer chooses. This format allows our instructors to customize each class to employee needs or requests.

Our customer success team audits our fitness classes for quality and engagement, we have multiple feedback channels to continuously adapt to client preferences.

The large network of certified instructors we’ve created supports a wide variety of class offerings. Popular classes include yoga, pilates, and Zumba.

Interactive Onsite & Virtual Yoga Classes Available

Yoga classes have become increasingly popular in the realm of workplace wellness. From beginner-friendly to restorative, we offer a wide array of live and interactive virtual classes, hosted exclusively for each client’s employees. Classes can also be scheduled out in bite-sized 15-minute sessions or fully immersive 45-minute flows.

When it comes to accessibility, Strive also tailors classes based on room capacity and what is available in your workspace. If there is a lot of room for example, floor exercises could be an option. Similarly, if the audience has limited room or mobility, we can do a chair yoga variation.

Rather than offering generic instruction, our yoga instructors tailor each class to fit the needs of your employees, and structure classes that build on one another, which leads to higher engagement rates and increased longevity of the classes overall.

Onsite & Virtual Fitness Talks

Our clients love to complement their fitness programs with health webinars. We work with each client to determine which topics their populations are interested in. We then source a certified expert to produce the talk for our clients to review. Our experts can cover topics that span across all eight pillars of wellness.

Clients prefer our virtual health talks over onsite talks because of higher employee engagement, and we provide a recording of the workshop for clients to build their own wellness resource library.

One-on-One Health Coaching Available Onsite & Virtually

Employers looking to deepen their fitness programs can look into one-on-one coaching for their staff. Scheduling a coach can be done on an as-needed basis or employee convenience.

Impeccable Safety Record & Client Full Indemnification of Risk

In the 14 years we have been in business, Strive has had zero injury claims across all operations, and works tirelessly to maintain the highest quality of offerings in the industry. We do this by keeping all of our certifications current year after year, and include vigilant QA/QC processes of classes and instructors.

Not every vendor has comprehensive insurance and workers’ compensation policies. Similarly, not all vendors are equipped to indemnify their clients of risk, which may cause an organization to think twice before cementing a partnership with a potential vendor. An experienced vendor will be able to detail what sort of coverage they can offer their clients.

Strive has comprehensive liability insurance coverage that fully-indemnifies our clients of risk. We prioritize safety, which is reflected in our internal safety policies for staff, services, and facility management.

Before our clients’ employees can participate in any onsite or virtual wellness offering, they must sign a liability waiver form hosted on our proprietary registration platform.

Strive offers liability waiver management, liability insurance, and workers compensation, and they verify staff credentials, ensuring they’re up-to-date. Routine quality control checks of staff class instruction support employee safety.

Comprehensive general and professional liability insurance coverages are essential, along with a workers’ compensation policy to help mitigate risks.

An industry best vendor for virtual and onsite yoga classes should emphasize safety across all of its operations. This can include liability waiver management, staff and class quality control, a successful track record of zero injuries, comprehensive liability insurance coverages, and workers’ compensation for instructors.

Staffing & Management Solutions Available

Whether you are enhancing an existing program or want us to build one from scratch, we come with a large database of seasoned specialists ready to fill in the blanks for your wellness package. Programs can be ready to launch in as little as a few weeks, eliminating potential months of back of forth.

Alongside our team of fitness instructors and wellness experts, the account manager assigned to your company’s wellness plan is there to ensure smooth delivery and effective communication of all programmatic details to you and your staff.

Strive also covers engagement and reporting. Our solutions allow clients to access their employee engagement metrics to track performance. Our platform and account manager give clients the flexibility and speed to fine-tune their offerings to foster ongoing engagement from employees.

Wide Network of Instructors for Any Wellness Class

Strive has a nationwide team of fully fitness and yoga instructors to provide clients with every form of exercise imaginable. Our instructor onboarding process involves the following steps:

  • Background checks
  • Reference checks
  • Up-to-date certifications
  • Meeting experience requirements for onsite or virtual instructor
  • Screened for quality of instruction
  • Training on Strive systems and engagement protocols

Our instructors are available for onsite and virtual classes ranging from fitness to stress-management. We can also quickly find additional instructors if our clients require more support.

Employee Registration & Liability Waiver Platform

We have our own automated system for managing employee class registration and waiver forms. The information is stored safely and securely on our proprietary platform.

Additionally, we provide our own comprehensive waiver form and can further customize it to include any client-requested language.
Clients can access employee participation and engagement data to track program performance in real time. Every client has a Strive account manager that gives our clients the flexibility to quickly pivot or fine-tune their programs.

One of the challenges organizations can come across is lacking an efficient way to handle employee sign-ups and liability waiver forms. Our registration platform handles registration and liability waivers and stores the information electronically, for seamless enrollee registration.

Work Better Wellness

With a variety of wellness services ranging from fitness classes, coaching, and events, Work Better Wellness has customized programs for organizations of all types. Their goal is to tackle the three pillars of mental, social, and physical aspects of wellness to promote a happier and healthier workforce.

Minh’s Living Tree

As a wellness center management company, MLT focuses on providing everything from operations, staffing and programming, to branding and engagement. Results-driven and geared towards optimizing wellness within multi-tenant office buildings, they create strategic outreach campaigns to raise awareness and increase engagement on all levels.

Stretch Affect

Stretch Affect’s program is designed to uplift team members to better themselves through improved health practices to ultimately increase company production and revenue. Their coaches and therapists work both in-person and online, offering assessments to evaluate the individual needs and interests of staff.

BioIntelligent Wellness

BioIntelligent Wellness is a B2B company that specializes in corporate wellness services which include on-site and virtual wellness seminars, corporate weight loss programs, and corporate fitness. They place an emphasis on nutritional programs that suit your staff’s individual needs, and a monthly subscription to online workouts with certified fitness specialists.

Why Choose Strive?

Whether you are seeking to add on a few health talks or conduct a complete overhaul of your organization’s wellness program, Strive Well-Being makes wellness easy and customizable to your company needs. Through our needs and interest survey and dedicated team of account managers, we give our clients the assurance that their organization’s needs are met in a timely manner.

With over 14 years of experience and leading industry knowledge, our systems and staff are ready to provide you with an implementation plan that is both seamless and efficient. Book a discovery call today and see how we can help bring health and wellness into your organization.

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