Why Choose Strive?

We could just say, that Strive makes wellness easy. Or we could tell you that our services integrate the leading health, fitness, and well-being tools for engaging individuals at organizations to better their health and improve their lifestyle. Then we could point out some facts like our:

National reach

We partner with major employers, government and premiere healthcare providers throughout the U.S.

Customizable solutions

We specialize in providing solutions tailored to match each client’s specific needs and the individuality of their environment.

Expert fitness centers

Our centers are packed with inspiring individuals ready to take action to improve your health through individual workout plans, personal trainers, nutrition and well-being programs.


Wellness programs

Recognizing each individual client’s goals leads us to custom solutions that deliver results. We create, manage, design, and implement innovative health and fitness solutions for all kinds of people across a variety organizations.

Expert People

We employ exceptional people with exceptional qualities. Passionate experts bring innovation and creative thinking to each new challenge. With a broad range of technical, educational and professional backgrounds, our certified health & fitness professionals possess BS’s, PT’s, MS’s, MEd’s, RD’s, MBA’s, and PhD’s. In other words, we’re more than qualified to meet the needs of our clients.

Kudos We’ve Received

Our endless pursuit for excellence, well-being and fitness education has earned us some great testimonies. And references are available upon project requests.

 We could say all of this. Or, we can just say, Strive Makes Wellness Easy. 

Strive Makes Wellness Easy

As a Wellness Coordinator, chances are you’re getting pulled in numerous directions. Different things are important to each of your stakeholders. We know you want to be organized and succeed at work, while making it look effortless.

Among corporate wellness providers, Strive is the fitness and wellness provider of choice because Strive makes wellness easy! We love working with wellness coordinators at companies. And you’ll love working with us. Because we make your life easier! We help you get your employees healthier. While helping your company lower health care costs!

In a world where change is hard, work is never ending, and deadlines are always coming and going. We understand your struggle. You’re trying to get wellness right for employees at your company. All the while, keeping the boss confident that you’re saving money on insurance claims. And helping your population get healthier…

Sure, you’re skeptical at best. Why is Strive any different or better than a fitness tracking device? A big challenge will be getting the employees to participate.

We know you’re confronted with pressures of timelines, insurance claims, workers comp, management meetings, and apathetic employees. More than that, you’re motivated by the desire to succeed. You have a strong desire to make wellness human and make it easy. It would be a dream to implement the program with grace and ease. 

The obstacles you face may seem daunting. As you try to include input from all wellness committee members, while staying within budget, and making a measurable impact. Then there’s the overwhelming amount of research presented at the recent conference you attended, where loads of big data was shared.

We help you by providing on point solutions. Strive solutions address your specific population. And best of all, we deliver evidence- based programming.


With Strive on your side, you pull off a successful wellness program, with confidence and ease. You make it look absolutely effortless.

Your wellness program:

Has well-crafted offerings that appeal to your employees.
Is convenient for employees to access and use.
Incorporates evidence-based programming.
Relies on best practices for health improvement and disease management.
Considers legal and regulatory issues and adhere to health care laws.
Meets health insurance provider requirements.
Comes within budget or financing options (like Wellness Dollars).

Knowing that liability is not an issue, instructors are pre-screened, and classes can be added or changed in real time, based on demand. You rest assured, and feel relieved! This is the purpose we exist. Strive makes wellness easy!

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