Native American Tribes Fitness & Wellness Services

Native American Tribes Fitness & Wellness Services delivered by Strive Well-Being help to:
improve fitness prevent disease increase overall well-being
Strive programs for Native American populations follow best practices established by the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC promotes health and prevents diseases for Native Americans.

Seeking a resource to provide wellness and fitness for a Native American Tribe?

We’re experienced in working with Native American Tribes. Strive Well-Being provides community health programs designed specifically for fitness and wellness. Examples include:

Improving fitness.
Preventing disease.
Increasing overall well-being.

Among American Indian and Alaska Natives:

38% have obesity compared to 29% of whites.

15% have diabetes compared to 7% of whites.

32% smoke commercial tobacco products compared to 17% of whites.

This according to the CDC website.

Clearly, there is a need to educate and empower this population to adopt healthy living habits. Working with Native American tribes, Strives offers community health programs designed to improve fitness, prevent disease, and increase overall well-being. This includes:

Providing onsite fitness classes.

Developing population health management strategies.

Staffing and managing community fitness centers.

How does it work?

Strive has an array of workplace wellness and community health programs. Any of these can be delivered for improving Native American tribes fitness nationwide.

Providing wellness programs in a turnkey fashion, makes implementation a breeze! We handle everything, including all coordination, administration, and reporting elements.

Wellness and fitness programs delivered by Strive reduce disease and improve well-being in native populations across the nation. We’ll work with your Native American population to implement a wellness program meeting your objectives.

In one location or many, you can count on Strive to take care of all the details. We’ll do the hiring and enrollment process, manage all the classes, and set up electronic liability waivers for you.  If you’re looking to outsource Native American tribes fitness, it couldn’t be any easier than working with Strive.

We make wellness easy!

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