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Fitness & Wellness Program Management

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Workplace Fitness and Wellness programs have become increasingly popular in recent years, and 70% of employers offer some form of wellness initiatives for their employees. While these programs have been proven to have measurable benefits like lowering absenteeism, lowering healthcare spending, and reducing turnover rates, some employers have trouble with the overwhelming administration that can be involved with managing these types of programs. By using Fitness and Wellness Program Management services like those offered by Strive, you can simplify your program, streamline your administrative processes, and even reduce your company’s liability. 

Workplace Fitness and Wellness Programs that are sponsored or co-funded by employers are designed to engage employees in activities that will help to improve their health and well-being. These programs include a wide range of components based on the needs of each employer’s specific workforce, including:
  • Exercise elements like Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training 
  • Nutritional elements like Onsite Nutritionists and Health Coaching
  • Preventative elements like Health Screening Events and Educational Seminars or Webinars 

Some wellness programs also incorporate Stress Management resources, Musculoskeletal Strengthening classes, and other activities and information designed to educate and engage employees to achieve better health and well-being. 

When Workplace Fitness and Wellness program incorporates evidence-based programming and best practices strategies, they can yield impressive benefits for employers. Employers overwhelmingly believe that their workplace wellness program has an impact on productivity, and 77% of employers agree that implementing an employee wellness program leads to better control of health coverage costs. Studies have found that the longer a workplace wellness program exists, the more the ROI increases – with one study finding employee exercise training and cardiac rehabilitation resulted in an ROI of $6 in healthcare savings.

However, some employers find that the benefits of employee wellness programs can be offset by the overly-burdensome aspects of program administration. Often, smaller companies don’t have a large enough HR department to manage the hiring, equipment, coordination, and billing involved with maintaining a wellness program. Larger companies with multiple locations may need to use multiple vendors and coordinate many details – generating mountains of paperwork that can overwhelm even a dedicated wellness team. 

Employee wellness programs can also put employers at risk when it comes to liability. If your company hires instructors for the classes or services offered to your employees, you’ll have to verify that each individual has proper certifications and proper liability coverage to indemnify your business. If you purchase or lease equipment for an employee gym, offer periodic health screenings, or provide educational seminars or nutritional advice, you could put your company at an even greater liability risk.

Strive Fitness and Wellness Program Management can help your organization overcome these administrative hurdles so that you get the most out of your Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program with as little hassle as possible. We've worked with hospitals, government agencies, communities, and private employers on projects that vary in scope from a single location and single program offering to nationwide wellness programs. No matter what your industry or what your needs, we'll work to take the stress of managing your employee wellness program off your plate. 

When you outsource your Fitness and Wellness Program Management to Strive, we’ll work with your organization to create your internal program structure, developing a committee or a “wellness champion” strategy to determine who takes responsibility for program decisions. Then, we’ll provide you with a Program Manager that becomes your single point of contact, working with your designated internal staff to get your program up and running – and keep it running smoothly with minimal effort from your team. Your Strive representative will coordinate:
  • staffing (including pre-screening, background checks and hiring)
  • equipment
  • location/facilities
  • employee marketing (including flyers, posters, and other materials)
  • enrollment (including online scheduling or sign up sheets)
  • reporting and program assessment
  • billing (including directly invoicing your healthcare provider when possible)
  • all other program administration 

One of the most significant benefits you’ll get with Strive’s Fitness and Wellness Program Management outsourcing is peace of mind when it comes to liability. Not only do we prescreen all of our instructors, including checking certifications and references and running background checks, but we also provide comprehensive liability insurance coverage. Our coverage includes workers compensation, and our provision of services leaves you fully-indemnified of risk. As an additional benefit, we’ll distribute and manage electronic employee liability waiver forms.
Strive operates nationwide, so your program can be adopted anywhere your company does business. We can even provide services for special events – like adding daily Onsite Stretching Classes for every morning of your corporate retreat or providing Onsite Chair Massages for a professional conference. Any programming you add will be fully-handled and implemented by your Strive Project Manager.

To streamline the billing process, Strive has achieved Strategic Vendor status with numerous large health insurance providers. Since we've already been vetted by these companies, we've been approved to directly invoice these insurers for qualified client wellness services. If your initiative is funded by Wellness Dollars or another type of healthcare spending program, we can accommodate your needs and work with the budget and funding resources you provide. 

Outsourcing Fitness and Wellness Program Management for your employee wellness initiatives with Strive can make your program more rewarding for your employees and less of a headache for your HR staff or wellness committee. These are just some of the benefits that Strive’s wellness program management services can deliver:
  • reduce your staff’s paperwork 
  • simplify your interactions by providing a single point of contact
  • streamline your service providers nationwide
  • maximize your Wellness Dollars or other funding
  • directly bill your insurance company or centralize invoicing
  • provide employees with qualified and professional instructors
  • ensure the safety of equipment and facilities 
  • offer programming flexibility based on popularity and success
  • protect your company with comprehensive liability coverage
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