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Fitness Consulting

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Over the past 10 years, we’ve supported virtually every industry sector, including many Fortune 500 Companies and Government Agencies
From improving strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health to preventing obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes, fitness classes and services can take your Corporate Wellness Program to the next level. However, knowing which exercise classes to add, how to find fitness teachers and equipment, and how to protect your organization from liability can make the process daunting for even the most seasoned HR professionals. Fitness Consulting Services, like those offered by Strive, can help you take advantage of the many benefits of a Community Fitness Program while also reducing the complications that come with creating it. 

As they’ve exploded in popularity over the last 20 years, Corporate Wellness Programs have become an $8 billion dollar industry. Research shows that employee wellness plans are effective at reducing absenteeism and health care costs, as well as helping employees to improve overall well-being. Some of the most successful workplace wellness programs have yielded results like:
  • an ROI of $3.27 in saved medical costs
  • an ROI of $2.73 for reducing absenteeism
  • a 25% reduction in sick leave, workers comp, disability insurance, and health plan costs

These programs are also effective at helping employees improve healthy behaviors, like how often they exercise. In one study, approximately 50% of employees who participated in wellness programs felt they improved how much they walk, and 25% said they were closer to a healthy weight.

To provide these types of proven health improvements for participants and to deliver similar levels of ROI for program sponsors, a wellness program needs to: 
  • include programming that’s appealing and engaging
  • feature classes at convenient times in an easy-to-access location
  • rely on evidence-based best practices for health improvement and disease management
  • comply with healthcare laws and other regulations 
  • satisfy requirements established by health insurance providers
  • accommodate your budget or wellness funding program (like Wellness Dollars)

Even if you have an internal HR team or a wellness committee that’s dedicated to crafting your Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program, trying to make sure your program incorporates all of these elements can be overwhelming. What equipment will you need? Where can you find qualified, certified instructors? Which exercise classes and fitness services will your employees actually use – and how many should you add to your schedule? Plus – how do you protect your organization from liability with so many individual components provided by separate vendors?

Strive’s Fitness Consulting services are designed to take the headache out of creating your fitness program. As a full-service fitness consulting and fitness management company, we’ll help your organization create a Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program that's evidence-based and incorporates industry best practices to yield measurable results. Strive’s Fitness Consulting Services include:
  • market and participant analysis
  • design and planning services 
  • facility layout and equipment recommendations 
  • strategic planning
  • recruiting and hiring 
  • facility and program preparation 
  • operational support
  • management services

Our turnkey services not only lessen your administrative burden, but they also establish a long-term sustainable wellness program that will enhance your organization's health-positive culture and complement any existing employee well-being program or offerings that's are in place.

When you work with Strive, we’ll start by scheduling an initial consultation with all the key stakeholders in your organization – including HR representatives, executive teams, risk management, and your wellness committees. After we’ve identified your goals for your fitness program and facility, we’ll gather data through employee surveys and consultation. Then, we’ll use the results to align your corporate objectives with your employees’ expectations and preferences to develop an initial draft of a strategic plan, including cost estimates for full development. 

Upon approval from your key stakeholders, we’ll finalize that strategic plan, which will serve as the framework for the complete implementation of your company-wide wellness program. To allow your program to evolve as your company changes, our strategy also incorporate feedback mechanisms – like regular reporting and data analysis – so you can assess how your fitness services are performing and make adjustments and add new classes at any time.

As a leader in the fitness and wellness sphere, Strive has the experience to make a real impact with your organization’s Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program by applying our knowledge to your unique situation and developing a strategic plan that meets your individual needs. With core expertise in designing, developing, operating, and managing fitness and wellness centers, not only can we offer Fitness Consulting, but we can also help with the actual development and design of your onsite fitness center and provide management services once it’s up and running. 

Strive has provided Fitness Consulting services to a wide range of clients and recently worked with a California school district that offers onsite employee fitness classes in multiple locations. The school district was hiring its own teachers who had obtained fitness certifications to work as exercise class instructors, which created a number of issues related to:
  • Workers compensation 
  • Credential verification
  • Insurance coverage verification
  • Unidentified liability
  • Coordinating class schedules with instructor availability
  • Administration surrounding invoicing and payments

Strive was retained to assess the program and proposed the district outsource fitness program management to Strive to minimize the administration and liability. Strive now manages every aspect of the school district's employee fitness program, from hiring instructors and verifying credentials to setting up class schedules and providing one invoice for all services. The school is fully indemnified of the liability thanks to Strive's provision of services, and we continue to provide reports on program participation and engagement and make program recommendations based on that data.

Just as Strive was able to eliminate liability concerns for the school district, we can do the same for your organization with our comprehensive liability insurance. This includes workers compensation and a provision of services. We’ve never had a claim in all our years of operation, but if something does go wrong, your organization is fully-indemnified of risk. It’s just one more benefit of outsourcing your Fitness Consulting needs to Strive.

Strive’s Fitness Consulting Services:
  • Practicability studies
  • Market and demographic evaluation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Space plan recommendations
  • Fitness and wellness program recommendations
  • Marketing and promotion recommendations
  • Complete financial analysis 
  • Design consulting
  • Conceptual and strategic planning
  • Space program development
  • Equipment procurement and layout
  • Locker room design
  • Reception/front desk design
  • Data processing
  • Recruiting
  • Fitness Directors
  • Program Directors
  • Operation Managers
  • Fitness Specialists
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Massage Therapists
  • Group Fitness Instructors
  • Pre-opening services
  • Implementation plans
  • The hiring of all key management and support staff
  • Creation of programming and web-based software to manage business
  • Financial projections 
  • Standard operating procedures and protocols
  • Strategic marketing 
  • Soft and Grand Opening preparation
  • Daily operations
  • Systems development
  • Special health and wellness programs and events
  • Promotions and marketing
  • Facility maintenance
  • Turnkey staff and financial management
  • Supervision of all aspects of day-to-day operations for the fitness facility
  • Member surveys for continued improvement

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