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Community Evidence-Based Wellbeing Programs

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With more and more Americans battling chronic diseases and obesity, the country’s health care system is overburdened like never before – and health care costs have spiraled to over 3.3 trillion dollars – which amounts to over $10,000 per person. Americans are looking for ways to improve their health and reduce these costs – and Community Evidence-Based Well-Being Programs are becoming increasingly popular as a way to reduce disease risk, manage pre-existing conditions, and improve overall health and well-being.

Community Evidence-Based Well-Being Programs are educational services that are designed to provide information to community members about health and wellness subjects. These programs are intended to supplement the information you get from your doctor or health provider. Since they’re held in places you’re already like to visit – school, work, recreational centers, libraries – they’re taking advantage of resources and social opportunities that already exist, and they don't require much effort for you to attend.

When it comes to preventing disease and injury, boosting health, and increasing quality of life, Community Evidence-Based Well-Being Programs play an important role. Evidence-based programs are specifically recommended by the United States Preventative Services Task Force and the Community Task Force as a way to reduce disease. These types of programs can cover a broad range of topics – from dealing with chronic disease to improving nutrition and physical activity to preventing obesity and more. They can also deal with issues related to mental health, substance abuse, unwanted pregnancy, and other concerns. 

The “evidence-based” part of these services ensures that only information that’s been proven to be effective is shared – so that participants get the best possible results and outcomes without wasting time or effort. To be an “evidence-based program,” the model needs to have passed the following tests:
  • It must undergo a rigorous scientific evaluation that proves that it’s truly effective and causes little to no harm.
  • The effectiveness must be proven amongst a large and diverse range of people or in multiple studies that evaluate many different types of populations.
  • The effects must last over time and be significant enough to make the efforts worthwhile.
Only after a program has been fully-tested and proven to be scientifically-sound, it qualifies as “evidence-based.” Then, it can be implemented on a large scale as the "gold standard" for helping participants to improve in that area of health. 

Community Evidence-Based Well-Being Programs cover a broad range of health concerns, but research shows the programs can be hugely successful at helping to improve many different areas of health, fitness, and overall quality of life. Just some of the results achieved by evidence-based well-being classes include:
  • Dance Therapy classes that reduced symptoms of depression after just 12 weeks.
  • The CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program, which reduced the likelihood of developing diabetes by as much as 58%.
  • A program teaching people how to manage hypertension that reduced the risk of heart attack by 24%,
  • Regular Tai Chi practice, which has been shown to reduce the risk of falls – the leading cause of death in older Americans – from 56% to 31%.

To support community centers, retirement living communities, nursing homes, medical clinics, and schools and employers in their efforts to improve health through education, Strive offers a full roster of Community Evidence-Based Well-Being Programs Services. From disease prevention and disease management programs that can reduce pain, stress, and health care expenses to Art Therapy and Dance Therapy classes that combine creativity with individual expression for better mental health, our programming helps you meet the needs of your community on every level. We even offer Tai Chi for Balance and Fall Prevention Classes to help older Americans live independently with confidence.

Strive’s Community Evidence-Based Well-Being Programs are led by qualified health professionals who have degrees in health and wellness fields, along with at least five years of practical, hands-on experience. Strive also does extensive prescreening that includes reference, background, and qualification checks for your protection and peace of mind. All of our instructors have a passion for wellness and stay current on all community health and wellness trends, making them thoroughly-equipped to give your community members information, instruction, and encouragement to effectively improve their health. 

To help you implement a Community Evidence-Based Well-Being Program for your neighborhood recreational center, senior living facility, or nursing home, Strive will provide a personal project manager to walk you through every step of the process. We’ll work with your internal team or wellness committee to find the right programming for your community needs – and we'll always accommodate your budget or any other factors that need to be applied to your initiative.

Everything you need for your Community Well-Being Program will come directly from Strive, including:
  • Prescreened qualified staff and facility/classroom coordination
  • Marketing materials to announce your program
  • Participant enrollment– either online or with signup sheets
  • Electronic liability waivers (distribution and management)
  • Program tracking, so you can make modifications based on participation levels or community needs
  • Single-source invoicing for all aspects of your entire initiative
As an additional benefit, Strive offers comprehensive liability coverage, so you’ll never need to worry about any of the day-to-day elements of your program. 

Strive also provides a full range of programming that can supplement your Community Evidence-Based Well-Being Programs – like Onsite Stretching Classes, Onsite Yoga Classes, and Group Fitness Classes that can help your participants build upon the new healthy habits they’re learning to incorporate. With our nationwide network of instructors, vendors, and service providers, it’s easy to implement your selections in a single location, across a community, or anywhere in the country where you have community facilities.

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