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We offer an effective way to reach people outside of traditional healthcare environments.

Evidence Based Well-Being
Community Evidence Based Well-Being Programs
Art Therapy Programs
Art Therapy Programs
Dance Therapy Programs
Dance Therapy Programs
Tai Chi for Balance
Tai Chi for Balance
Mind Body Fitness Programs
Mind Body Fitness Programs
Fall Prevention
Fall Prevention Programs
Functional Fitness - Feel Fit
Functional Fitness (Feeling Fit) Programs
Diabetes Prevention
Diabetes Prevention Programs
Hypertension Management
Hypertension Management Programs
Healthy Living Workshops
Healthy Living Workshops
Community Fitness & Wellness
Community Fitness & Wellness Services
Hospital Fitness & Wellness
Hospital Fitness & Wellness Programs
Community Yoga Classes
Community Yoga Classes
Residential Community Fitness & Wellness
Residential Community Fitness & Wellness Services
Health Education Seminars & Webinars
Health Education Seminars & Webinars

Communities Need Health and Wellness Support

When it comes to health, doctors and hospitals focus on treating disease and injury that has already occurred. Our overburdened health care system doesn’t have resources to help patients improve health behaviors and prevent disease. Even when such services available, many people don’t pursue health education or wellness services through their medical providers. The costs can be high and they’re often inconvenient. Strive community health services are a great way to meet this need. Some of our most popular community health programs are:

Dance classes at the community center

Disease management programs at the senior center health

Seminars held at a local school

​What are Popular Community Health Topics?

Community health addresses specific issues affecting individual communities. They cover a diverse range of topics. Popular topics include:

  • Managing conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Preventing obesity
  • How to eat better or move more

Topics address mental wellness, substance abuse, reproductive health, and other concerns relevant to communities.

What are Benefits of Community Health Services?

Research shows that these programs have far-reaching benefits, for a wide range of community members:


  • Seniors who stuck with a community-based exercise and nutrition program six months, showed better medical outcomes and lower rates of depression
  • A community-based fall prevention program, reduced falls among elderly by 31%
  • Community health programs helped diabetes patients reduce emergency room visits by 38% and hospitalizations by 30%
  • A program lowered rates of unsafe sex among middle school students

What’s it Like Working with Strive?

Working with Strive, you can rely on our professionalism and core attributes:


Strive has established long-standing relationships with local health and government officials. We work in tandem, sharing ideas and information benefiting the community at large. Building multi-sector partnerships, we create effective solutions, driving successful outcomes for community health needs.


Strive Well-Being approaches community wellness deliberately and thoughtfully. As a result, we create change and opportunities for better health in communities we serve. Our resourcefulness ensures that funds allocated to community health programs are used efficiently. We work in conjunction with community partners, maximizing reach and effectiveness.


We take pride in our position as a leader in the community health sphere. Strive works to maintain that position by focusing on unique, creative strategies and programs, providing the best resources to our communities. This philosophy keeps Strive flexible. Thus, we can adapt and modify our approach as environments, systems, and needs change.


We know we can make a change in community health. Therefore, we empower our partners with resources and education, a can-do attitude, and freedom to make that vision a reality.


We believe a positive, energetic culture leads to better outcomes. Having fun while getting the job done, is prerequisite for Strive community health services.


We treat our staff, partners, officials, and community with esteem, value, and respect. This develops trust at all levels in our organization.


Our goal is to make positive, measurable improvements to community health, that can be measured and quantified, whenever and wherever it’s needed. Strive’s results speak for themselves.

How Can I Set Up Community Health Services?

By working with Strive Well-Being. To help create your community health program, we’ll assign a project coordinator to work with your staff. Together, you’ll design an initiative on budget, meeting your community’s needs. Strive will help with every step of your community health programs:

  • Finding the right instructors
  • Arranging class space at your location
  • Providing marketing materials
  • Enrolling your community members online

You’ll work with a dedicated Strive project coordinator, who will:

Handle electronic liability waivers
Provide program assessments to monitor engagement
Minimize billing and administration

Who are Strive Community Health Instructors?

Strive community health programs are led by qualified health professionals. They have degrees in health and wellness, relevant to classes they teach. Each instructor has at least five years’ experience in their area of expertise. They have a passion for well-being, and stay up-to- date on community health and wellness trends. Strive pre-screens each instructor, checking certifications and references to ensure you get the highest quality staff.

Your organization is protected by our comprehensive liability insurance. This covers your entire program. No need to worry. It doesn’t matter how many elements you offer, or how many locations you serve. Workers compensation coverage, and a provision of services indemnify your organization of all risk.

In addition to community health programs, we cater to additional wellness needs:

Onsite Fitness Classes
Onsite Stretching
Stress Management offerings, like Mindfulness Meditation

We’ll quickly respond to your community needs, adding Strive services to your program at any time. Strive can help grow your program as resources and participation increase. We can implement your wellness initiatives anywhere in the county. We’ll seamlessly provide community health programs in any location your organization requires.

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