For many people, running is not an option, because of health injuries. The benefits of walking versus running is important, especially to the people who want to get their walk on! The truth of the matter is that as long as the intensity is in your walking workout and you do it for thirty to sixty minutes (not necessarily all at once), then you benefit from it.

Another benefit from walking is that you are less likely to injure yourself compared to running. Walking is a low-impact exercise which allows for less pressure on your joints. When you begin walking it allows your joints to get used to the pressure and if you want, you are then able to slowly progress to jogging and then running.

Running has a higher intensity than walking, so if you are walking make sure you up the intensity in order to gain the same type of results. There are lots of ways that you can increase the intensity in your walk, for example: carry weights with you, they do not have to be heavy in the beginning, but as you begin to build muscle mass you will be able to increase the weight.

Another example, take a walk on Mission Trails, right here in San Diego, and take the paths that are away from the cement, your legs will definitely be feeling it the next day! Take a walk around Mission Beach or Balboa Park, the weather is finally nice, so get outside and enjoy the San Diego sun while you are getting your workout on!

Make sure you consult with a doctor before beginning any new exercise regime, then get out there and get walking!

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