Working off fat is never fun, nor easy. It takes a lot of effort and dedication, but the payoff is exponentially greater! We would love to help you work off that gut, so here are 10 fat burning exercises that you may utilize to achieve that better body. We will blog the exercises 2 at a time.

Interval Sprints

Studies have shown that sprinting increases a person”s speed, power, VO2 Max levels, endurance and fat loss. Sprinting in an interval program has a similar effect as weight lifting. Both are forms of anaerobic exercise, where the body relies on cellular production of energy rather than Oxygen. The bonus is that sprinting cause a high level of Excess Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). EPOC can simply be described as the body’s ability to continue to burn fat after the workout is complete. Fat becomes a high source of energy for the rest of the day after The results yielded by these tools and calculators, however, are merely estimates and they do not guarantee available amounts, potential savings, tax benefits or the like. a quick and effective Interval Sprint program like below.

Sprint for 30 seconds, walk for 2 minutes, spring for 30 seconds, walk for 2 minutes, repeat 5-10 times.


While many people may be afraid of a spinning class after seeing participants walk out soaking wet from their own sweat, there is a huge reason as to why this is an excellent for fat burning!

In one 45-60 minute session participants will burn 600-900 calories on average.

There is a distinction on how hard you should push yourself depending on your current abilities, and if you are targeting fat loss then you should read the following. There are three target zones to burn calories. In Zone 1, the body burns a higher percentage of fat and a lower percentage of carbohydrates. In Zone 2, the body burns a lower percentage of fat and a higher percentage of carbohydrates. In Zone 3, the body burns hardly any fat, a high percentage of carbohydrates (till carbs are depleted), and then begins to burn your existing muscle in the form of amino acids.

You can easily identify which training zone you are in by the Rate of Perceived Exertion model RPE or as I like to call it ROPE). Zone 1: you still have the ability to keep up with a conversation and you can easily to fairly easily breathe consistently through your nose. Zone 2: you can maintain conversation, but you have to start taking breathes between sentences and it is more difficult to breathe and you feel much better breathing through your mouth. Zone 3: It is highly difficult to maintain any conversation and nearly impossible to breathe through your nose.

All in all, in a 60 minute class interval within Zone 1 and Zone 2 to maximize your ability to burn off maximum fat calories.


Swimming is an amazing full body exercise, beginners will generally work at a higher intensity for a shorter duration burning more calories. Because of the shorter duration it is highly effective at maximizing your workout.

Experienced swimmers will maintain a high performance level maximizing the percentage of fat burned and will spend 45-60 or more minutes in the water.


For beginners, it is wise to consult a fitness professional and find an introduction to running program because it is easy to burn out when it comes to jogging. The beginner will quickly hit the ceiling (anaerobic threshold). To force yourself at this level is the same as spinning and burning up your carbohydrates (via the glycemic stores) and begin to burn muscle in the form of amino acids. (Proper nutrition for all of the exercises in this article is a must. Once again, a fitness profession, or a certified or registered nutritionist will assist you with this.)

When your anaerobic threshold increases so with your overall health and your fat burning ability, jogging is certainly an interval exercise for beginners, as your abilities increase you”ll be able to maintain a steady fat burn. This exercise can then be combined with Interval Sprinting.


Burpees are an explosive full body movement, and also a form of body weight resistance training. These are performed by running in place, dropping to the ground, quickly get back to your feet. and resume running in place. That is considered 1 repetition. You may up the difficulty factor by adding a jump after you come back to your feet, and adding a push-up when you drop to the ground.
Set up a goal of performing x amount of burpees, and time how long it takes you to perform the total amount. This will fuel your motivation against the clock. A beginner may start with 20 while an athlete has a goal of 50.

Medicine Ball Walking Lunge and Wood chop

This is a total body exercise that also trains coordination, stability, balance, and proprioception (the body’s awareness of its environment). Combining all these skills creates a raised heart rate and is quick to make you sweat off some calories.
These are done by holding a medicine ball straight in front of you, and performing a lunge with your knee almost touching the ground. You can up the difficulty level by adding a twist to the side that is lunging.

Try to start by performing 16 (8 walking lunges on each leg) repetitions for 2 to 3 sets. Take only 30-45 seconds rest between sets and be sure to progress your endurance by add more repetitions and increase your strength with a heavier medicine ball.

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