If you are wearing something tight, the first thing people will notice is your stomach.

Nothing can be more irritating and embarassing than having a stomach that makes you look like you haven”t done anything for the past few years. If you are not blessed with a dashboard stomach, your best hope is doing the right stomach exercises. That is what we specialize in here in San Diego, at Strive! Personal Training Studios!

The idea of having a flat stomach might really be something that you have long desired. However, you also know that this kind of dream can only be turned into a reality when you do all those tiring abs workouts. Don”t sweat.

You can achieve those six-packs with the right stomach exercises, frame of mind and, of course, dedication. Here are some activities you can participate in to achieve that washboard stomach:

Spot the right stomach exercises

There are a lot of how-to’s featuring stomach exercises that you can find on the Internet and health magazines. Squats, dead lifts and crunches are just some of the most common stomach exercises that you should get accustomed to.

Perform each one according to your body’s capability. Be patient and take things slowly, yet surely. Increase the duration of these stomach exercises as you go on with your training.

Talk a walk or jog

Although the above-mentioned stomach exercises are the most popular recommendations, do not presume that they are the only exercises you can do to flatten your tummy.

We live in beautiful San Diego, so getting out and about should be no problem for us! Regular jogging and brisk walking sessions have been known to aid in making the stomach flat and beautiful. These stomach exercises will not only help you achieve fantastic abs, since they can also improve your body”s cardiovascular functions, they also improve your stamina, endurance and agility.


Proper breathing is very important for our bodies, especially when you are working out and exercising. Always take deep breaths whenever doing anything excessive and it out slowly. Practice this on your own when you are not doing anything and you will be amazed at how much of a difference it makes the next time you work out!


Most people do not know that having poor posture can lead to adverse health effects later in life, such as spinal curvature and nerve constriction, which can lead to paying outrageous amounts for medical and chiropractic care. Sitting behind a desk with your shoulders hunched day after day can quickly lead you down that road, so let”s change how our posture is now so we can stand a fighting chance in the future.

Always sit up straight when you are sitting and always stand up straight with your shoulders back, essentially pinching your shoulder blades together, whil you are standing. Do this at all times and you will be amazed at how quickly your posture improves. Even your confidence will go up with great posture.

To keep this in mind at all times, wear a rubber band. For every time you find yourself with bad posture, pull on it and let it hit your wrist. The reminder of the pain will force you to change your posture and quick!

Watch your diet

All the effort and time you put on doing stomach exercises will just to waster if your diet is not right. Munching on sweets, high-cholesterol foods and drinking alcoholic beverage will definitely destroy the would-be effects of stomach exercises. Stock your body with proteins instead which are proven to be good for strenuous exercises.

Further, do not forget to have healthy servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Ensure that you keep your body hydrated after all the stomach exercises you are doing by drinking at least a gallon everyday.


Stomach exercises need to be accompanied with the biggest proponent of it all: your self-discipline. Skipping a day or two can put all the benefits of your stomach exercises down to zero again. Stick to your schedule and perform regularly in order to have a flat, enviable stomach.

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