You have just completed a pretty intense workout with your Strive! trainer and you are feeling great! After a few hours the soreness begins to hit you. If you are like most people, you want to hop into some really hot water or maybe take a dip in the jacuzzi to help ease the pain.

The best way to help your muscles relax is actually by taking a dip in some cold water. If you put yourself in a cold bath then you get the same effect as putting an ice pack over your entire body. Cold water is better than online casino hot water in relieving sore muscles because after you exercise your blood vessels are less dilated and when you hop into the cold water then the colder temperatures constrict the blood vessels allowing for less waste materials to accumulate.

Soreness occurs when waste like lactic acid, etc, settle in the vessles. So, instead of hopping into a nice hot bath after your workout, hop into something that is a bit colder and reduce your soreness.

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