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Workplace Wellness Consulting

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Over the past 10 years, we’ve supported virtually every industry sector, including many Fortune 500 Companies and Government Agencies
If your company has decided to offer a Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program, congratulations! You're joining the 73% of employers in America who's committed to supporting the health of their employees with stress management resources, fitness classes, personal training onsite nutrition education, health screenings, and more. In turn, these programs offer employers benefits that range from increases in employee engagement and productivity to reductions in health care spending. 

Deciding to create an employee wellness program is a huge step, but what will you do next? Do you know how to tailor your program to your specific workforce needs or get your staff excited to participate? Do you know which evidence-based elements or best practices strategies will result in the most significant employee health improvements? Do you know how to find certified instructors and safe equipment that’s all covered by comprehensive liability insurance to protect your organization? And do you know how to deal with your insurance company to make sure you're complying with their policies, so your programs are covered?

Planning a Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program can feel like a herculean task as you try to balance all of the competing priorities and make your program as optimal as possible. For an employer-sponsored workplace wellness program to be successful, it needs to affect real health change for employees to deliver real ROI for employers. That means it needs to: 
  • be well-crafted with offerings that will appeal to your employees
  • be convenient for employees to access and use
  • incorporate evidence-based programming
  • rely on best practices strategies for health improvement and disease management
  • consider legal and regulatory issues and adhere to health care laws 
  • meet health insurance provider requirements
  • work with your budget or financing options (like Wellness Dollars)

Even if you have a large team that's dedicated to fulfilling all of these goals, creating an employer-sponsored wellness program can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. That's where Workplace Wellness Consulting can help. Corporate wellness program consultants at Strive can help you craft your employee wellness initiative according to recommended standards while also making sure it takes the specific needs of your organization, your workforce, and your budget into account. 

Whether you need a small-scale initiative in one location or you want a comprehensive wellness program in locations across the country, Strive has the expertise to help you craft your wellness program at any scale. We’ve worked with small businesses, large corporations, local and state governments, and military agencies to provide Workplace Wellness Consulting, and as certified wellness consultants, we have both Certified Corporate Wellness Specialists (CCWS) and Faculty Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) designations. 

One of the benefits of using Strive for Workplace Wellness Consulting is that we also provide full-scale turnkey wellness programs, which gives us unique and comprehensive knowledge of over 80 wellness programming options – from Stress Management services to Musculoskeletal Strengthening options to Onsite Fitness Classes, Health Coaching, and more. We know how to mix and match these services for the most optimal results – and have enough experience creating programs for employers to understand what works, with the hard data to support it. Strive also has the capabilities to implement your Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program locally, regionally, or nationwide, so you’re covered anywhere you do business.

Here’s how it works. We’ll start by partnering with your organization’s internal wellness department or point person to develop a plan and identify success metrics, actively participating in wellness committee meetings and assisting with the overall strategy development of your program. Then, we’ll make recommendations specifically for your company to create an outcomes- and evidence-based wellness program that will demonstrate measurable results. 

Once you’ve reviewed our recommendations and have chosen which elements to incorporate, Strive can help you put all those plans into action precisely the way you intended. Even if you decide to implement your program on your own, Strive can provide Workplace Wellness Consulting to assess your success or recommend improvements at any time.  

If you decide to use Strive to implement your workplace wellness offerings, the rest is easy. After we’ve worked with your internal team to determine the size, scope, and elements of your Workplace Fitness and Wellness program, you’ll be assigned a personal project manager who will be your single point of contact for your entire wellness initiative. Your project manager will do everything necessary to get your program implemented and keep it running efficiently, including:
  • Hiring certified instructors or staff for all programming
  • Arranging any necessary equipment or supplies
  • Providing marketing materials and flyers to get your employees excited
  • Enrolling or signing up employees for classes, screenings, or events
  • Distributing and maintaining employee liability waivers
  • Providing comprehensive liability coverage with workers compensation to fully indemnify your organization
  • Providing regular program assessment and reports to measure engagement and results
  • Making real-time adjustments to programming or scheduling to accommodate your organization’s needs
  • Billing – including directly invoicing your healthcare provider when possible
  • Streamlining administration to prevent your staff from becoming buried in paperwork from multiple vendors 

Strive has earned a Strategic Vendor status from many of the large health insurance providers, which means we're an approved workplace wellness vendor and can directly bill these insurance companies for wellness services – which may include Workplace Wellness Consulting – and wellness programming. We can also help you utilize Wellness Dollars or other medical spending or financing options to help you pay for Strive's Workplace Wellness Consulting services, along with your entire Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program if it's deployed by Strive. 

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