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When it comes to fitness and nutrition concerns in America, obesity is just the tip of the iceberg. Americans’ overall lack of physical activity and poor nutrition has been linked to the development of chronic conditions ranging from heart disease to osteoporosis to some types of cancer. To reduce these risks – and the healthcare costs associated with them – more employers, residential communities, and other organizations are adding Onsite Nutritionists and Fitness Coaching, like the services offered by Strive.

If you watch the news, it’s no surprise that the average American diet is alarming. The number of fast food restaurants has doubled since 1970, and obesity is skyrocketing. Statistics show that most American diets:
  • exceed recommended levels of refined grains, salt, and saturated fat
  • include fewer whole grains, fruits, and vegetables than recommended
  • include 600 calories more now than they did in 2008 
  • include 28 additional pounds of fat per year than they did in 1970

American salt consumption is especially concerning. About 90% of people consume too much sodium each day, averaging 3,400 mg. By lowering that consumption to 2,300 mg, slightly lower than the federal recommendation of 2,400mg, associated medical costs could fall by $20 billion a year.

Another nutritional concern is the lack of food safety awareness. Americans worry about getting sick eating at restaurants, but many don't know how to safely handle raw foods, basic refrigeration rules, safe cooking temperatures, and how long it's okay to leave leftovers in the refrigerator. Roughly one in six Americans get some form of food poisoning each year – with 48 million getting sick and 128,000 winding up in the hospital. Food poisoning is responsible for 3000 deaths each year. 

Sadly, American fitness levels are equally-alarming. Only one-third of adults get the recommended amount of physical exercise each week, and only 20% of Americans meet recommendations for both cardiovascular and strength training exercise. On a day-to-day basis, less than 5% of people exercise for 30 minutes, and 80 million Americans (28%) are physically-inactive. 
Clearly, Americans need help – and onsite Nutritionists and Fitness Coaching can deliver it. Nutritionists and fitness coaches can help employees, and other populations learn how to create lifestyles that meet overall health, nutrition, and well-being needs. This includes everything from eating the right foods in the right proportions to combating fitness challenges – like sitting in an office chair for more than eight hours a day. 

Onsite Nutritionists can provide a wide variety of services for employers. Not only can they provide recommendations for improving company-offered food – like vending machine snacks or break room treats, but they can overhaul the prepared food program in an employee cafeteria to create healthy, balanced menus that meet employee nutritional needs. Many also work directly with employees to:
  • provide education about nutritional guidelines and recommendations, 
  • offer easy-to-implement suggestions like adding fresh fruit to morning cereal, 
  • create customized individual nutrition programs, 
  • share nutritious recipes, 
  • and provide healthy cooking demonstrations. 

Studies have shown that employee nutrition programs are associated with reducing the risk for serious health conditions, consequently lowering employer health costs.

Fitness Coaching provides a great complement to an onsite nutritionist. A little different than Onsite Personal Training or Group Fitness Classes, fitness coaches can help your employees adopt healthy behaviors beyond the gym or a structured exercise program – like incorporating more walking, adding at-your-desk stretching, or sticking with a workout plan. Fitness coaches provide information about physical and mental well-being, offer advice and motivation, and can provide specific instruction where needed. Research has found that Fitness Coaches can have a beneficial impact on improving functional capabilities and motivation. In one study, college students effectively reduced sitting time after getting emails, texts, and phone calls from a fitness coach over a six week period. 

At Strive, Onsite Nutritionists and Fitness Coaching can be offered onsite as a scheduled part of your Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program (with visit frequency based on your needs and budget), or it can be incorporated strictly for a wellness challenge, health fair, or other employee fitness event. You can also provide your employees with telephone access to our wellness professionals. No matter how your program is structured, your employees will get customized nutritional advice and individualized fitness programs that accommodate each participant's personal circumstances or limitations and are designed to meet individual goals.  

We have an established nationwide network of qualified professionals, so employer Onsite Nutritionists and Fitness Coaching can be offered at any location where you do business. All of our nutritionists and fitness coaches are certified according to national standards, and most have degrees in exercise, nutritional science, or other fitness-related fields. They’ve also undergone background and reference checks and meet our minimum experience requirements, so they’ll know just how to encourage, educate, and motivate your employees to meet their wellness goals. 

To oversee your Onsite Nutritionists and Fitness Coaching program, you’ll be assigned a personal program manager. This single point of contact will help with all aspects of your program, including:
  • Identifying your personal needs to create a plan that accommodates your budget
  • Providing marketing materials, flyers, and posters to create program awareness
  • Staffing, scheduling, and coordinating instructor availability 
  • Distributing and managing employee liability forms
  • Offering comprehensive liability coverage that indemnifies your organization of risk
  • Delivering program reporting to assess participation and engagement
  • All management, administration, and invoicing

As a Strategic Vendor, Strive has developed relationships with major health plans that allow us to directly bill many insurance companies for your Workplace Fitness and Wellness program – including Onsite Nutritionist and Fitness Coaching services. These services can be fully employer-supported, or employees can contribute on a per-session basis. We also work with Wellness Dollars and other health initiative funding efforts to accommodate your budgeting needs.

Additionally, you can add more services to your Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program at any time. Strive offers Stress Management programs, Onsite Personal Training, Onsite Stretching, and a full range of Musculoskeletal Strengthening programs, along with many other services that promote employee wellness. Every service you select will be integrated and managed by your program coordinator, minimizing administration and invoicing paperwork for your organization.
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