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On-Site Group Fitness Classes

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It's no secret that Americans aren't moving enough. From "sitting is the new smoking" to the obesity crisis, the sedentary lifestyle is affecting American health – and healthcare costs. In 2017, employers paid nearly $5,500 per single worker and over $13,000 per family in health insurance premiums alone. Adding Onsite Group Fitness classes like those offered by Strive are an excellent way for employers to support employee health and well-being, while also taking proactive steps to reduce employee healthcare expenditures.

Onsite Group Fitness classes can make it easier for employees to meet federal activity guidelines. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, healthy adults should meet the following weekly exercise goals to reap substantial health benefits:
  • 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic activity (like tennis or brisk walking)
  • 1.25 hours of vigorous aerobic activity (like swimming or jogging)
  • A combination of moderate and vigorous aerobic activity that equals overall recommendations (i.e. - 1 hour moderate/1 hour vigorous)
  • Two days or more of moderate to high-intensity strengthening with weights or resistance bands

Aerobic activity should be done in minimum increments of 10 minutes and performed throughout the week. For additional health benefits, the office recommends increasing weekly exercise to: 
  • 5 hours of moderate aerobic activity (like tennis or brisk walking)
  • 2.5 hours of vigorous aerobic activity (like swimming or jogging)

Currently, only half of Americans meet the minimum activity guidelines for aerobic activity, and just 22% meet combined aerobic and strength training recommendations. 

Research shows that exercise has a direct impact on health care costs. One study found middle-aged workers who participated in regular physical activity lowered healthcare costs by an average of $483 annually – or 7% – over two years. The results were particularly pronounced for workers who were obese, smoked, or had other existing health problems. 

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US, killing 610,000 people per year and costing more than $300 billion in healthcare and reduced productivity – but exercise is proven to prevent the disease and lower treatment costs. A study found that patients with heart disease saved an average of $2,500 annually on healthcare by meeting weekly moderate-to-vigorous exercise recommendations, and even those without cardiovascular disease were able to reduce healthcare expenses by exercising according to recommended guidelines.

To help employees get more active and to reap benefits like lower absenteeism, lower healthcare spending, and lower turnover rates, roughly 70% of employers in the US currently offer Workplace Fitness and Wellness Programs. Those programs include everything from Stress Management and Onsite Yoga classes to Health Screening Events and Onsite Physical Training. When it comes to the aspects workers like best about employee wellness initiatives, fitness classes are one of the most popular features (23%), coming in second only to health screenings (27%).

Employer-sponsored Onsite Group Fitness classes have a wide range of benefits – from being conveniently-located and promoting employee bonding and teambuilding to helping employees reduce pain, manage stress, and of course, improve physical health. Group fitness classes offered at work also can be used as part of a corporate fitness challenge – and some companies even offer incentives like cash and prizes to employees who meet health or fitness-related goals by participating in Onsite Group Fitness classes and other Workplace Fitness and Wellness programming.

Strive’s full range of Onsite Group Fitness classes are designed to help your employees improve their cardiovascular health, physical endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and more. Not only do these classes offer benefits to employees, but they can also help employers to reduce medical claims and on-the-job injuries. To see what Strive has to offer, check out our full selection of Onsite Group Fitness classes:

Body Blast Upper
This upper body training class is designed for all fitness levels and targets the back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps to improve postures and ergonomics. 

Body Blast Lower
This lower body training class targets the quads, hamstrings, and calves to help all fitness levels sculpt a strong, lean lower body. 

Body Sculpt
This total body workout incorporates high-repetition and low-weight strength training and cardio interval bursts to blast calories and tone and sculpt muscles. 

Cardio Kickboxing
All fitness levels can improve aerobic fitness, strength, agility, and focus with this explosive class that includes kickboxing techniques for an intense cardio workout. 

Core Conditioning Classes
This class improves daily energy, engagement, and focus, along with posture and balance by working core and back muscles using resistance bands and stability balls.

Fast-Strong Fit
This interval strength and cardio routine relies on a simple scoring system to help all fitness levels track their strength and fitness progress week by week.

Fitness Express
Blending cardio, strength training, and core exercises for all fitness levels, this effective 30-minute class makes it easy to get fit during a lunch break! 

FUN Bootcamp Classes
Led by a “drill instructor,” even beginners can improve cardio, endurance, flexibility, and strength with this popular high-tempo, circuit-based workout. 

Functional Fitness
Our most popular class caters to all fitness levels and uses weights, bands, and balls to improve energy, endurance, cardiovascular strength, and flexibility.

Group Running
Segmented by level and led by an instructor, these groups enhance strength and endurance and can be added to team-building or training for an organized race. 

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
A quick burst of intense exercise is followed by short active recovery moves to help moderate fitness levels increase heart rate to burn more fat in less time. 

Low Impact Aerobics Classes
Certified instructors guide beginners through dance moves from Zumba, salsa, hip-hop, and more for a fun and unique low-impact workout. 

Martial Arts
All fitness levels can build self-defense skills and enhance overall physical fitness using martial arts techniques that are engaging both physically and mentally.

Mat Pilates
Stimulating, challenging, and effective for all fitness levels, Pilates moves and equipment are used to improve balance, flexibility, and strength in this core-based workout.

Spin Cycle Classes
Strive provides bikes and certified instructors for these fun classes for all levels that actively engage muscles, challenge the cardiovascular system, and burn a ton of calories.

Step Aerobics 
Great for beginners and all levels, these classes feature choreographed step exercises that develop and improve cardiovascular endurance and overall body strength.

Tabata Training
One of the hottest trends in high-intensity/no equipment workouts, this interval class alternates between full effort moves and rest to enhance cardio endurance for all levels.

Total Conditioning
This athletic-based exercise routine includes aerobic, strength, and core training and uses a variety of formats and equipment to challenge all fitness levels. 

TRX Circuit Training
Featuring a TRX suspension/body weight station, this overall circuit training class focuses on building strength and endurance while improving flexibility and balance.

Walking Group
With pre- and post-walk stretching and a mapped walking path, instructor-led walking classes for all fitness levels have a positive impact on teambuilding, culture, and stress.

Water Aerobics Classes
All fitness levels and those with injury benefit from fun, low-impact pool exercises that improve joint and spine flexibility and develop overall strength. (Onsite pool required)

Zumba Classes
Wildly-popular and widely-requested, this Latin-infused dance class also features salsa, reggae, and belly dancing that’s fun and engaging for beginners, seniors, and all levels. 

With so many options, Strive’s Onsite Group Fitness Classes accommodate participants of all fitness levels – and many classes can be modified to meet individual needs. All of our instructors are fully-credentialed and have undergone thorough background, reference, and certification checks. They also meet minimum experience requirements, so they’ll know just how to motivate and encourage your employees while also providing safe and effective workouts. 

All of Strive’s wellness offerings and Onsite Group Fitness classes are covered by our comprehensive liability insurance coverage, which:
  • includes workers compensation 
  • offers a provision of services that fully indemnifies your organization of risk
  • meets or exceeds most corporate risk profiles and property management requirements

We’re proud to share that since our founding, Strive has never had an injury claim. We also distribute and manage electronic employee liability waiver forms for further protection.

When you’re ready to get started, Strive will designate a personal Project Manager to get your Onsite Group Fitness program up and running. You can start by adding a few of our most popular classes, or you can mix and match options based on employee interest. To help you determine the most engaging class schedule, we'll send out an electronic survey asking your employees which classes they find most exciting and which ones will best meet their needs. Then, we'll work with you to develop a responsive program that's appealing to your workforce.  

Most of our classes don’t require any equipment, but for specialty classes like Pilates or Spinning, you can purchase equipment packages directly from Strive. Resistance bands, weights, and stability balls are also available, and your Project Manager will coordinate equipment delivery, class locations, and hiring instructors. We’ll also design marketing materials you can share to get your employees excited about upcoming classes, and we'll handle class enrollment online or using onsite sign-up sheets. 

After your Onsite Group Fitness classes have started, we’ll track employee participation and engagement and offer regular reports so you can analyze the effectiveness of your program. We’ll also provide ongoing marketing and engagement strategies to help your program succeed. You can adjust class offerings, instructors, or schedule at any time – adding extra sessions of popular classes or adding to your wellness program as participation increases. Additional Workplace Fitness and Wellness options range from Onsite Personal Training to Onsite Nutritionists and Fitness Coaching, or you can add additional employee wellness services like Mindfulness/Meditation Classes for stress management or Onsite Stretching Classes to help with musculoskeletal strengthening. 

Your project manager will streamline every element of your wellness initiative, no matter how many or how few options you implement. We also operate nationwide, making it easy to add Onsite Group Fitness classes at any location in the country where you have offices or facilities. Your designated point of contact will take care of your entire program, including:
  • staffing (including pre-screening, background checks, and hiring)
  • equipment
  • location/facilities
  • employee marketing (including flyers, posters, email templates, and other materials)
  • enrollment (including online scheduling or sign up sheets)
  • reporting and program assessment
  • billing (including directly invoicing your healthcare provider when possible)
  • all other program administration 

Strive is the nationwide provider of onsite fitness classes for most of the larger health plans and has achieved Strategic Vendor status with many health insurers. This allows us to invoice your healthcare provider for approved wellness program services directly. We also work with Wellness Dollars and other employee wellness program funding options – and can work with you to offer Onsite Group Fitness classes that are partially- or fully-funded by employee contributions.

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