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Physical Therapy

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If you've ever had a severe physical injury, you know just how vital Physical Therapy is for a speedy and successful recovery. For highly-active athletes and military service members, physical therapists are instrumental not only in promoting recovery from injury – but in finding ways to prevent overuse injuries and musculoskeletal disorders from reoccurring. 

As highly-trained healthcare professionals, physical therapists provide hands-on, customized treatment plans that help rehabilitate patients who are recovering from injuries. They work with a patient’s doctor (or team of physicians) as well as with the patient’s family and other health care providers to ensure that everyone is on the same page and taking the necessary steps to give the patient the best shot at a successful outcome and a healthy recovery.

Physical Therapy isn't merely a series of exercises or strengthening moves; it's a strategic recovery plan that takes into account personal circumstances like:
the kind of injury that’s been sustained, 
what treatment has been administered so far, 
what kind of recovery is possible, and 
what kind of recovery is necessary to meet the demands of the individual patient’s life, work, and goals. 

A wide variety of facilities utilize physical therapists, from rehabilitation clinics and nursing homes to schools and fitness centers. PTs are also employed by state and federal government agencies like prisons, Veterans’ Health Affairs, and Indian Health Services. They’re an invaluable part of any team that works with groups which are prone to overuse injuries or other types of pain – like athletes, military personnel, and workers who perform heavy physical labor. 

The military relies on Physical Therapy both for soldier readiness and for soldier rehabilitation. PTs help create training programs, treat injuries, and improve soldiers’ quality of life. Army physical therapists serve as commanders of units and medical treatment facilities, making neuro-musculoskeletal and energy conservation assessments as well as battlefield Unit Needs Assessments to ensure the optimal physical and mental health of soldiers. Physical Therapists hired by the Air Force identify and assess injuries, create and implement treatment and recovery plans, and heal airmen by improving mobility and function and minimizing pain.

Military physical therapists deploy just like other soldiers, operating mobile PT clinics in war zones and other areas of aggression. An estimated 87% of non-battle injuries are musculoskeletal, and PTs provide immediate onsite care. In the field, they’re able to treat minor wounds on-the-spot, resulting in better healing and fewer infections – and leaving doctors and surgeons free to treat more serious injuries. Physical therapists who work with the military also work with soldiers to manage traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and amputation. 

In general, a physical therapist will start by performing an examination and will create a plan of care based on the diagnosis from that assessment. The personalized treatment is founded on therapeutic exercise and functional training, which means a PT might use evidence-based techniques like massage, joint manipulation, heat or ice treatments, or even electrotherapy and ultrasound. They can also help patients decide if, when, and how to use wheelchairs, orthotics, and other interventions.

Treatment plans often do include stretching and strengthening exercises – but it’s more involved and strategic than what you’d get visiting a personal trainer at the gym. A Physical Therapy program is specifically tailored to the injury, and exercises are carefully-selected to provide necessary strengthening with minimal risk of re-injury. The PT teaches the patient to correctly-perform each exercise and suggests new ways of moving to “work around” the injury, manage the condition, or prevent additional problems in the future. In many cases, the physical therapist’s recommendation helps a doctor determine if a patient is ready to go back to work or return to duty.

By working with a physical therapist, a patient may be able to prevent loss of mobility before it starts – or to treat an injury without the need for surgery. Since most Physical Therapy plans include multiple sessions per week, a PT is uniquely-equipped to monitor and manage pain. Working with a doctor, they can make recommendations about medications or provide alternative options to heavy painkillers – an essential benefit in light of America’s opioid crisis. 

Strive has Physical Therapy staff located across the country to accommodate your needs, no matter where you operate. Each physical therapist is highly-educated and has earned a graduate degree (a Masters or Clinical Doctorate) from an accredited Physical Therapy program and has passed the national licensure exam that allows them to practice. PTs are also board certified through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS) as either an Orthopedic or Sports Clinical Specialist (O/SCS). Their experience usually includes manual therapy, trigger point dry needling, Graston Technique soft tissue mobilization, and functional taping.

Strive Physical Therapy services include a full range of evidence-based treatments and techniques. Your outsourced physical therapy program will be customized to your organization to:
  • improve mobility and function 
  • reduce pain and disability
  • prevent injuries with movement modifications,
  • manage chronic conditions and the limitations they create
  • improve overall wellness and fitness
  • increase the overall quality of life

Your physical therapist will work to keep facilities and equipment safe, handle clinical and administrative duties, and work with program staff – offering advice, participating in meetings, and coordinating formal treatment plans.

One of the benefits of working with Strive is the single point of contact you’ll have for every wellness program you select. You’ll be assigned a project manager who will coordinate every aspect of your Physical Therapy services and can help you add additional selections like Therapeutic Yoga, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, or other Musculoskeletal Strengthening options. Each addition will be overseen by your project manager, and programs can be implemented in one location or across multiple training centers in the United States. Strive will handle all of the screening, staffing, administration, and billing – reducing your paperwork and the administrative stresses that go with it. 
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