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On-Site Stretching Classes

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Whether you’re sitting all day at a desk or you have a job that involves a lot of physical activity, it can be hard to find the time and energy to work out at the end of the day – much less to get in a proper stretch. For many Americans, stretching is an afterthought that involves a quick minute of toe-touches or heel-grasps after they’ve completed a “real” workout. However, skipping out on stretching means skipping out on benefits that you can’t get from exercise alone. By adding Onsite Stretching Classes like the ones offered by Strive, you can make it easy for your organization to reap the advantages of regular stretching.

Organizations from the American Council on Exercise to the American College of Sports Medicine to the American Heart Association recommend stretching as a way to improve flexibility and range of motion, reduce the risk of injury, and boost overall health and well being. In fact, research shows that the benefits to regular stretching extend ever further to include:
  • Improved blood and nutrient supply to muscles
  • Better posture from increased muscle strength
  • Mental calmness and clarity
  • Lower stress levels as tension is released from muscle tissues
  • Energy boosts from improved blood flow

Regular stretching can be especially important for employees in both office settings and physically-demanding fields, as it offers a way to release tension and relieve overworked or overused muscles – or to get stiff muscles moving. It’s also been shown to have positive effects when regularly practiced by other groups like military service-members and senior citizens. 
  • Workers who used computers for most of the day and performed brief exercises at their workstations experienced short-term relief from musculoskeletal discomfort.
  • Military recruits who performed static stretching had a lower rate of muscle or tendon injury and less back pain.
  • Seniors who follow a regular stretching routine have shown improvement in gait, spinal mobility, and hamstring flexibility.
  • Constructions workers who completed eight weeks of at-home stretching and strengthening shoulder exercises had less pain and disability and better shoulder function.
  • Research proves the beneficial effects of stretching also extends to preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders. 

When workers or other groups stretch together in an organized Onsite Stretching Class, there are even more rewards to be had. Groups of all fitness levels can participate, and classes are tailored to the needs of the participants, so stretching can serve as a team-building exercise that unites workers and creates a common bond. Along with helping to relieve stress and pain, stretching can improve sleep, resulting in higher productivity, and improving overall health. Some participants may even gain muscle or lose weight. Additionally, when leaders also participate in group stretching classes, it lifts morale and shows workers that management cares.

For employers, Onsite Stretching classes can reduce turnover and absenteeism and lower health care costs. One company that implemented a structured company stretching program in combination with other ergonomic optimizations was able to reduce absenteeism by 67% and reduced musculoskeletal disorder cases by 50%. Firefighters who stretched daily for 30 minutes reduced injury-related health care expenses by nearly 65%. The benefits go on and on. 

Of course, stretching is only beneficial when it’s done correctly, and there are in fact right and wrong ways to stretch. Onsite Stretching Classes like the ones offered as part of Strive's Musculoskeletal Strengthening Programs teach participants the right way to stretch and actually guides them through a series of motions designed to increase flexibility and decrease pain. Instructors also correct participants form to prevent injury or overstraining.

Strive's Onsite Stretching Classes are structured stretching sessions taught by certified group fitness instructors or registered yoga teachers, depending upon the type of course you select. All instructors are pre-screened and fully-qualified with current CPR and AED certifications. Instructors are covered under Strive’s comprehensive liability insurance, which also includes workers compensation and a provision of services that fully indemnifies your organization of risk.

Your assigned Strive project coordinator will help you create an Onsite Stretching Program that best meets your organizational needs. Onsite Stretching Classes Services include:
  • Active Stretching – This invigorating class is designed to engage all major muscle groups with a deep active stretch.
  • Deep Stretching – A combination of breathing and gentle stretching, this slower-paced class focuses on alignment, relaxation, and stress-reduction
  • Musculoskeletal Strengthening Stretching (MSK) This class focuses on stretches aimed at improving spinal and low back pain/issues and other repetitive stress injuries commonly related to desk/office work.
  • Power Stretching – By incorporating core strengthening and abdominal exercises, this class is designed to help improve the overall alignment and flexibility of the body.

All of our classes combine breathing and stretching with a focus on proper alignment, relaxation, and stress-reduction. Instructors will guide participants through stretches, ensuring correct form to properly stretch the muscles and avoid injury. They’ll also modify poses for participants who have existing injuries or other physical limitations.

Once you've decided upon the types of classes you want to include and how frequently they'll be offered, your Strive program coordinator will take care of the rest. You'll receive marketing materials like flyers and posters to let your employees know about upcoming stretching classes they can join onsite – and we’ll even handle the enrollment process, along with the distribution and management of electronic liability waiver forms. We’ll also run regular reports to examine participation levels and engagement, so you can add more classes or make adjustments at any time.

You can combine your Onsite Stretching Classes with other Strive Employee Wellness programs – from onsite fitness to stress management initiatives. Strive operates nationwide, so we’re able to customize your plan for one site or to coordinate programs at multiple locations. Your project manager will provide a sole point of contact that handles personnel, equipment, administration, and billing for all of your wellness initiatives. It couldn’t be easier.
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