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Health Screening Events

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Preventative services like health screenings are crucial for identifying health risks and early disease detection, but Americans only use preventative care at half the recommended rate. That means employers could be spending unnecessary healthcare dollars for preventable chronic conditions – along with losing billions when employees call in sick. By adding Health Screening Events like the ones offered by Strive to your Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program, you can give your employees easy access to these crucial screenings that may prevent illness and reduce your healthcare spending.

Roughly 69 million workers miss work because of illness each year, costing the economy $260 billion in lost productivity. Additionally, seven out of ten deaths are caused by chronic diseases, with heart disease, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory disease accounting for 72% of those deaths. All three have the potential to be prevented by making healthy changes – including 34% of heart disease and 33% of strokes. When employees fail to get regular health screenings, they don't know they're at risk, much less how to make the necessary changes to stop these diseases in their tracks. For many Americans, ignorance is bliss, which is leading to early death.

To increase employee awareness about potential health issues, employers are adding Health Screening Events to Workplace Fitness and Wellness programs. Also called biometric health screenings, these series of tests are health risk assessments that help employers measure the success of their wellness programs and help employees to become aware of their potential health problems. Biometric health screenings include measurements and tests like:
  • height and weight
  • body mass index (BMI)
  • blood pressure
  • blood cholesterol 
  • blood glucose
  • aerobic fitness

These measurements are recorded as a baseline and then checked periodically at later health screenings or checkups. Over time, employees and their doctors can track health changes and make changes to reduce health risks as needed. Employers can also use summarized group results from health risk assessments to gauge the success of wellness programming like on-site Fitness Classes or educational workshops. 

While full biometric health screenings are time consuming, intrusive, and expensive, there are alternatives that offer many of the same benefits. At the request of many clients and health insurance partners, Strive developed the “Healthy Day Event,” which provides evidence-based health screenings at a fraction of the cost of biometric testing to make employee health screenings simpler, less intrusive, and more accessible.

Here’s how it works. Your Strive Employee Healthy Day Event will be scheduled for a three-hour window. Each event supports 50 employees – and your company can schedule additional events simultaneously to provide screenings for a bigger workforce. We'll schedule your employees for specific timeslots during the event, and individual screenings take just 10 minutes to complete. All screenings are administered by certified fitness/health specialists in accordance with HIPAA requirements, and employees move through different “screening stations” for the following assessments:
  • weight
  • body fat percentage
  • body mass index (BMI)
  • blood pressure
  • circumference measurements

At each station, employee data is collected on an individual 3x5 card and stored by the screener. After your event, Strive will compile the collected information to prepare a HIPAA-compliant summary report for your employee and other involved parties, as allowed by the HIPAA Privacy Rules. 

Science-based health screenings like Strive’s Healthy Day events can help employees avoid unnecessary tests and procedures, resulting in reduced health care costs and increased quality of health care. Evidence-based preventative services also reduce the risk of developing some diseases and of dying from some types of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Research has found:
  • Blood pressure screening is effective at reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.
  • Obesity screening like BMI measurement or waist circumference measurement has been shown to be effective at identifying at-risk adults for early intervention. Screening for obesity is recommended by the World Health Organization.
  • Weight, waist circumference, and blood pressure measurements are effective at identifying risk for metabolic syndrome.
  • Waist circumference can be a predictor of heart disease and diabetes.

Healthy Day Events are recommended on a quarterly basis, which gives your employees an opportunity to make and track health changes over time. It also helps motivate employees to participate in other components of your wellness program and to engage with your calendar of wellness initiatives as they look forward to seeing the progress they make toward their wellness goals during regular employee health screenings.

When you work with Strive, you'll be assigned a personal project manager for your account. That single point of contact can help you create a complete Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program, including Health Screening Events – or you can simply offer a single "Healthy Day Event" for your annual open enrollment kickoff, employee health fair, or other wellness occasions. You can also plug-in additional Strive services – like Stress Management programs, and your project manager will integrate every element you incorporate. Services can be implemented in a single location or across your sites nationwide.

Your project manager will work with you to schedule your employee Healthy Day Event at your convenience – advising you on how many sessions you should host to accommodate your entire staff. After you’ve picked the time for your event, Strive will handle the rest. We’ll:
  • Help you market your event by providing posters, flyers and other materials to share with your staff
  • Coordinate with your organization regarding your Healthy Day Event location and setup
  • Hire fully-certified, prescreened staff to facilitate the employee health screenings
  • Schedule employees for 10-minute health screening appointments
  • Collect and store all screening data according to HIPAA requirements
  • Prepare and share employee screening reports according to HIPAA requirements
  • Handle administration and invoicing, minimizing your administrative time.

Strive has achieved Strategic Vendor status with many of the large health insurance providers, which allows us to directly bill these partner companies for wellness program components like Health Screening Events. We also work with other medical financing initiatives – including Wellness Dollars – to accommodate your wellness spending needs. 

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