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Health Education Seminars & Webinars

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You offer exceptional employee healthcare coverage, provide an onsite workplace employee fitness center, and even include Onsite Stretching classes to help employees manage musculoskeletal pain. However, all of your efforts may be wasted if your employees don't fully realize what's available and understand why it's essential. Offering Educational Seminars and Webinars like the ones created by Strive are a great way to improve employee health literacy – resulting in better overall employee wellness.

"Health literacy" is a person's ability to access vital health information, process and understand it, and then apply that information to making informed, positive health decisions. This could include anything from understanding what kinds of preventative services are covered by your health plan to knowing how – and why – to eat a balanced diet, get enough exercise, manage stress, improve sleep, and achieve work/life balance.

Many Americans are currently struggling with medical issues that could be improved by better health literacy. Some don't understand medical terms or how to measure risks to make positive health care choices. Some are trying to manage complicated diseases and don’t fully-understand which self-care steps to take. Some are merely overwhelmed by conflicting information on the Internet or by the confusing piles of paperwork they get from their health insurers. 

Only 12% of Americans have “proficient” health literacy skills – which include basic abilities like understanding a table or figuring out how much of their annual healthcare premiums they’re responsible for paying. The vast majority of Americans – 53% – only have the intermediate skills it takes to read a prescription bottle and figure out when to take a medication. Sadly, 21% just have the basic skills to read a pamphlet.

Research has shown that if you have poor health literacy, you’re also more likely to have poor health. When you don’t understand what health care is available to you, which healthy behaviors you should adopt, or how to take care of yourself, your health pays the price. People who have poor health literacy are more likely to:
  • Experience chronic medical conditions and have less understanding about how to manage them.
  • Use emergency services and to make preventable hospital visits, both of which result in higher healthcare costs. 
  • skip annual exams, flu shots, and other preventative care. 
  • visit the doctor only after an illness or issue has progressed, resulting in higher healthcare costs to treat a condition that’s already advanced.
  • Believe they’re less healthy than others and to feel embarrassed about their lack of health knowledge, which may further prevent them from seeking medical help.

The overall annual cost of low health literacy is estimated to be between $106 billion and $238 billion.

One of the critical steps toward improving health literacy is to provide understandable information about health, wellness, and the medical care options that are available. Better health communication can improve wellness, increase the quality of healthcare, and reduce overall healthcare costs. Educational Seminars and Webinars can be an effective resource for educating your workforce about how to improve their health and utilize the healthcare resources at their disposal.

Strive’s Educational Seminar and Webinars are workshops that are designed to help your employees, residents, or military members understand health and wellness topics like: 
  • reducing pain 
  • improving fitness
  • eating healthfully
  • losing weight
  • recharging mentally, 
  • and more. 

You can incorporate these workshops into an existing Lunch and Learn program, include them as part of a health fair or wellness event, or introduce them as a standalone employee health education program.

With dozens of seminar/webinar topics available, we cover a thorough range of health topics, providing practical, understandable, and useful advice that participants can start implementing immediately. Our classes range from overall wellness advice, like "Healthy Lifestyle Hacks" and "Improving Sleep for a More Energetic Life," to specific fitness and information, like "Daily Microbreak Stretches at your Desk," and "Three Secrets to Great Abs." We also offer on-site cooking demonstrations that can help your employees improve nutrition while also gaining valuable cooking skills. Find a more comprehensive list of our most popular classes below. 

As part of your Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program, you can combine any of our Educational Seminars and Webinars to create a comprehensive health education plan. We'll tailor your program to suit your organization's needs, including as few or as many courses as you’d like. If your seminars are held onsite, we can implement your program in a single location or across multiple offices nationwide.

All of our health education workshops are available as webinars, which is ideal if your employees work in different locations, work a variety of shifts, or telecommute from home. Employees can view the workshop at their convenience, at any time from any place. You can also save the webinar and share it on your company's intranet, creating your own digital employee health and wellness library. 

Additionally, Educational Seminars and Webinars can be combined with Onsite Fitness Classes, Onsite Personal Training, Health Coaching, and more for a comprehensive Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program. Strive will assign you a personal program manager to coordinate every aspect of your initiative. For your educational workshops and any other elements you include, Strive will handle:
  • Marketing materials (flyers, posters, email templates, etc.) to generate employee awareness and excitement
  • Scheduling and employee enrollment, if participation is limited
  • Finding a pre-screened, qualified subject matter expert for your wellness workshop
  • Any necessary equipment for cooking demonstrations or fitness presentations
  • Invoicing for all program aspects, including hiring, equipment, and management
Check out some of Strive’s most popular wellness workshops below to start improving your employee health literacy levels with informative Educational Seminars and Webinars that can improve employee health and well-being and reduce your healthcare costs.   

  • SAVERS: The Miracle Morning Routine
  • How to incorporate fitness and a healthy lifestyle into a busy work week
  • How to incorporate Green Smoothies into a busy working lifestyle
  • Daily microbreak stretches at your desk
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Healthy Fitness
  • Healthy Lifestyle Hacks
  • Workout at your Desk
  • Daily Stretching Routine
  • Improving Sleep for a more energetic life
  • Coping With Heat
  • Secrets to getting into Great Shape For Summer
  • Step Up Your Health to Live Longer
  • Re-energizing Your Mind and Body
  • 8 Time Saving Tips to Get Fit and Trim
  • Three Secrets to Great Abs
  • Avoiding Back Pain
  • Staying On Track During Crunch Season
  • 15 Creative Ways to Reduce Stress
  • Positive Commitments to Fitness 
  • Cheap Eats 
  • Integrating Mind and Body Techniques for Total Wellness & Stress Reduction 
  • Six Weeks to Optimum Health 
  • Lifelong Strategies for Healthy Living 
  • Keep it Moving 
  • Creating Your Wellness Vision
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