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Corporate Wellness Programs

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Adding a Corporate Wellness Program is a great way to engage your employees, improve the health and well-being of your workforce, and potentially lower your employer health care costs – but all workplace wellness programs are not the same. When you work with Strive, we'll help you to design a Corporate Wellness Program that incorporates all of the key elements for success. With over 80 classes and services, the ability to implement plans nationwide, and elite customer service provided by a single point of contact, Strive will deliver a turnkey results-oriented wellness initiative that meets your needs, suits your budget, and simplifies the entire process. 

Corporate Wellness Programs are employer initiatives that are designed to support employee health and well-being. They can be narrowly-focused on one aspect of health, or they can include a combination of elements, such as:
  • Fitness programming
  • Onsite Group Fitness Classes
  • Onsite Personal Training
  • Onsite Nutritionists and Health Coaching
  • Health programming
  • Health Screening Events
  • Health Coaching
  • Educational Seminars and Webinars
  • Stress Management programming
  • Onsite Yoga
  • Mindfulness Meditation classes
  • Wellness programming
  • Onsite Stretching
  • Onsite Chair Massage

Classes and programs can be offered for employees on a regular basis or can be added strictly for events like company health fairs, open enrollment kickoffs, corporate holiday parties, or employee fitness challenges. These programs may be fully-funded by employers, or employees may contribute on a per-session or a monthly basis. 

Corporate Wellness Programs have emerged as a response to spiraling healthcare costs, high absentee rates, and reduced productivity related to the poor health of American workers. Obesity alone is associated with missed work that costs over 8.65 billion dollars each year – accounting for over 9% of all absenteeism costs. Additionally, studies have found that chronic diseases affect 117 million Americans and account for 75% of all healthcare expenses. However, Americans can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing a chronic disease if they: 
  • walk at least 30 minutes a day
  • eat nutritionally-balanced meals
  • don’t smoke
  • maintain a waist size that is less than half of their height
  • drink moderately

Achieving all five goals can reduce healthcare costs by 33% to 50%, and if three out of four Americans made these changes, healthcare expenses could be reduced by at least $600 billion and up to $1 trillion annually.

One of the reasons Corporate Wellness Programs have become so popular is because they’re actually capable of helping employees improve healthy behaviors and reduce unhealthy habits like the ones above. Studies have found that employees who participate in corporate wellness programs see noticeable improvements in a wide range of health and wellness measurements including:
  • How often they exercise
  • Smoking quantity and frequency
  • Losing and maintaining weight
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables
  • Reducing fat intake
  • Lowering body weight, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure.

Even participating in just one wellness offering has been shown to help employees improve their health and lower their risk for disease. Employees who participated exclusively in a health coaching program were more likely to lower any five of the following seven health risks:
  • Blood pressure
  • Body weight
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Inactivity
  • Stress
  • Tobacco Use

When employees went on to participate in additional wellness activities, the odds increased that these risks were reduced. One wellness class is good, but a full roster of wellness programming is even better. 

If you’re thinking about adding a Corporate Wellness Program to improve the health of your workforce and lower your healthcare costs, Strive can help you create an initiative that's specifically tailored to your employees. We offer a wide variety of wellness programming that includes everything from stress management classes to fitness classes, yoga classes, personal training, health coaching and more. All of our services can be mixed and matched "a la carte," or you can choose a comprehensive employee wellness program that includes all of the many elements we offer.

As soon as you begin working with Strive, we’ll assign a personal project manager who will help you craft your wellness program so that it's both results-oriented and cost-effective. Experts have found that the Employee Workplace Wellness Programs that are most successful incorporate five common elements, and your Strive representative will ensure your initiative fully-embodies each component to give your program the best shot at success. 

The Five Components of a Successful Corporate Wellness Program

Employee outreach
Your Corporate Wellness Program can’t succeed if your employees don’t know what you’re offering or how they can get involved. To help you reach out to your employees, Strive will provide flyers, posters, and other marketing and informational materials to reach your workforce through multiple channels, generating the greatest possible awareness and creating excitement about program activities.

Ease and availability
Employees will only use your wellness programming and resources if it’s convenient. Strive offers fitness classes, health screenings, nutritionists, educational seminars and more that are all available onsite or at another location that works for your workforce. We’ll hire fully-certified and prescreened instructors and can provide equipment if needed. Your project manager will help you create a flexible schedule that works best for your staff, and your programming, which can be adjusted at any time.

Top-down engagement
Employees are most responsive to wellness programs when high-level executives and managers both support the programs and participate themselves. To help you engage top-level employees, Strive ensures your managers aren't burdened with additional responsibility by handling all aspects of your initiatives. We enroll employees, distribute electronic liability waivers, take care of all the staffing and scheduling coordination, provide comprehensive liability insurance with workers compensation, and minimize administration and invoicing, so executives are free to join employees and reap the wellness benefits. 

Maximizing existing relationships and resources
Offering more while paying less is one of the hallmarks of a successful Corporate Wellness Program. As a Strategic Vendor, Strive has established relationships with many of the larger health plans – and we also have strategic partnerships that allow us to incorporate outsourced services like biometric screenings and technology portal support. Strive also can implement your program anywhere in the country where you do business, eliminating the need for multiple vendors or independent staffing. Finally, we can work with Wellness Dollars or other funding efforts and can even directly bill some health insurance providers, so you can leverage our resources to get the most for your employees.

Continued Program Review
If your employees aren’t responding to and participating in your workplace wellness program, you’re wasting your time, money, and efforts. To make sure your program is effective and engaging, Strive provides regular, real-time reports on each element of your initiative. You’ll be able to see which classes or events are most popular or under-attended and can adjust your schedule, add more classes, or offer different wellness options at any time.

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