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Government Fitness & Wellness Programs

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Over the past 10 years, we’ve supported virtually every industry sector, including many Fortune 500 Companies and Government Agencies
Whether it’s at the local level – like a school district that needs Athletic Training for students– or the federal level – like soldier readiness and rehabilitation programs provided by the Department of Department of Defense – the government has wide-reaching and unique needs when it comes to fitness and wellness. Strive has worked with clients that include educators, municipalities, and even the United States military to provide turnkey Government Fitness and Wellness services that meet the highest standards of best practices and customer service. 

Government Fitness and Wellness Services focus on helping specific populations to accomplish a number of goals that range from improving physical fitness and getting ready for physical combat to recovering from injury and maintaining overall health and well-being. The services provided by Strive can be broken down into three main categories:
  • Fitness programming
    • Athletic Training
    • Onsite Aerobics Classes
  • Readiness and Rehabilitation programming
    • Physical Therapy Programs
    • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS)
    • MBSR Programs
  • Management services
    • Fitness Center Management
    • Wellness Program Management

We have extensive experience providing these services individually on an as-needed basis, as well as with crafting full-scale health and wellness programs that combine several of the services above with our full range of fitness, nutrition, stress management, and wellness classes.

One of our core services, Strive’s Fitness programming is an exceptional way to help your community develop muscle strength, increase flexibility, improve stamina, and reduce the risk of injury and disease. Our fitness classes include some of the hottest workout trends – like TRX, Tabata, and High-Intensity Interval Training – and our Athletic Training adheres to the highest standards, incorporating evidence-based best practices to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Strives's Readiness and Rehabilitation programming help military populations to prepare for the physical challenges of deployment with intense strengthening that's specifically designed to minimize training injuries. Our Physical Therapy Programs and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists work to help with injury recovery and rehabilitation from training or deployment, and we also offer services like MBSR programs to help soldiers deal with the stresses of returning home – whether it’s from combat-related PTSD or other stressors.

Many government organizations at the city, regional, and state levels also rely on Strive’s Management services. Fitness Center Management includes everything from organizing equipment and providing Onsite Personal Training to providing staffing coverage for a fitness center, while Wellness Program Management can consist of everything from Health Screening Events and Community Health Challenges to designing and implementing full-scale wellness initiatives.

Strive knows government institutions can undergo intense scrutiny, so we work to protect your organization on several levels. Every instructor we hire for your Government Fitness and Wellness Service has been prescreened and has undergone intensive reference and background checks. We ensure every fitness class teacher, physical therapist, or other practitioner maintains up-to-date qualifications and stays abreast of new developments and trends in their related fields. All of our staff also meets strict experience requirements, so they’ve already proven their abilities to be effective in teaching, treating, or educating your community. 

For additional risk mitigation, Strive offers comprehensive liability insurance. In all of our years of experience, we're proud to say we've never had a claim filed – but if anything goes wrong, you're covered by a policy that includes workers compensation and a provision of services that fully indemnifies your municipality or federal agency of all risk.

Depending upon your government agency's needs, services can be offered individually or can be combined to help you create a comprehensive health and wellness initiative for your students, soldiers, or community participants. You can choose from our full catalog of programming, which includes additional Musculoskeletal Strengthening options like Onsite Stretching, Stress Management programs like Mindfulness Meditation, and Community Evidence-Based Wellness offerings like Art Therapy. Mix and match the services that meet your organization's needs – and take advantage of Strive's nationwide presence to implement your program in your local region or in facilities across the country where you do business. 

When you work with Strive, we’ll simplify the process of creating your Government Fitness and Wellness Services program by assigning you a personal project manager to handle the whole curriculum. Coordinating with your internal teams to ensure your initiative meets any local or federal requirements, stays within budget, and delivers the essential services you need, your project manager will craft your program and then handle the complete implementation. That means Strive will take care of:
  • Marketing materials announcing your new class or service
  • Hiring prescreened qualified staff 
  • Coordinating facilities and equipment
  • Scheduling or enrolling your program participants
  • Distributing and managing electronic liability waivers 
  • Real-time reporting to assess program engagement or results 
  • Adjusting your program with new classes or services at any time
  • Reducing administration, paperwork, and billing to come from one single source 

If any other needs arise, you can rely on your dedicated project coordinator – whether it's just a question about scheduling, you want to add new program elements, or you need to generate a report for your leadership to show how your services are performing. Strive provides exceptional customer services that minimizes bureaucracy and saves your agency time and headaches – so you can focus on keeping your community well.
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