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Fitness Program Assessment, Management & Reporting

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Over the past 10 years, we’ve supported virtually every industry sector, including many Fortune 500 Companies and Government Agencies
Roughly 79% of employers in America offer some form of a health and wellness improvement program with components like health assessments, fitness classes, stress management options, nutritional support, disease management and more. Employers average nearly $700 per employee on these programs, with some larger companies spending as much as $900 per employee on Corporate Wellness Programs.

Companies, municipalities, and other organizations are making this kind of financial investment in their communities because Fitness and Wellness Programs have been proven to improve healthy behaviors and reduce unhealthy habits, including offering measurable improvements when it comes to exercising more often, losing weight, eating more fruits and vegetables, and reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. 

Studies have also shown that well-crafted Fitness and Wellness programs provide program sponsors like employers or communities with a substantial return on investment. One case study found that employers got a $2.71 return for every dollar spent on employee wellness, and a program that gave employees exercise training and cardiac rehabilitation resulted in an ROI of $6 in healthcare savings. Employers also have the overwhelming perception that these programs work, with the majority believing that their workplace wellness program had an impact on productivity, absenteeism, and healthcare costs.

To get these kinds of returns and benefits for your community, a Fitness and Wellness Program needs to be well-crafted and implement evidence-based strategies and best practices. According to research, the most successful Employee Workplace Wellness Programs incorporate the following five factors: 
  • Communication – participants need to know what's being offered and how it works
  • Convenience – it must be easy to participate
  • Support and engagement of management – upper-level staff must be on board
  • Resource/relationship leveraging – existing connections should be used to maximize offerings and minimize spending
  • Ongoing Evaluation – program feedback is critical for assessing health improvements, program popularity, and other metrics that determine ROI.

Ongoing Evaluation is one of the most critical factors in determining the success of your program – both in terms of benefits to your participants and ROI to your organization. Data analysis can help you:
  • Identify the health risks most relevant to your population
  • Learn which offerings are most interesting to your population 
  • Decide which types of programs to include
  • Establish baselines for participant health through biometric and medical screenings
  • See which elements of your program are most and least popular
  • Determine which offerings result in the best outcomes
  • Adjust your program in real-time to improve engagement or results
  • Demonstrate your program success to management or funding partners

In spite of the clear benefits of Fitness Program Assessment, Management, and Reporting, only about half of employers currently have a formal evaluation process to calculate the effectiveness of their wellness programs. 

Because of the important role that evaluation and reporting plays in the success of a Workplace Fitness and Wellness Programs, Strive provides detailed statistical analysis and reporting that measures biometric improvements in compliance with HIPAA requirements. We start by creating baseline data when your program begins, and then provide detailed routine reports on participation and engagement, along with our program recommendations based on that data. If a class is underperforming, you’ll know to cancel it, and if something is especially popular, you can add more sessions right away. 

If you already have an existing wellness program, Strive can provide Fitness Program Assessment, Management, and Reporting that helps you maximize the benefits of your program and mitigate any potential liability issues. We’ll examine your program and identify areas where your initiative could be streamlined or strengthened – and then we can provide the services needed to make your program more efficient and effective.

As experts in the Wellness Programs sphere, Strive has achieved notable results providing Fitness Program Assessment, Management, and Reporting services to a wide range of clients. 
After working with a Los Angeles area school district to assess a wellness program featuring onsite fitness classes in multiple locations, we were able to reduce liability by taking over the program management and hiring instructors, verifying credentials, and indemnifying the district of liability with our provision of services. We continue to provide program assessments with accurate reporting metrics on program participation and engagement and help to continually refine their program based on that data.

While we often provide assessments to evaluate full program efficiency and liability, in some cases, Strive provides data reporting that helps our clients to demonstrate the effectiveness of their wellness initiatives. For example:
A local municipality was awarded a CDC grant to develop a sustainable employee workplace wellness program and needed to prove the success of that program after it was established. Strive has provided screenings, onsite classes, and educational workshops, and generates regular, real-time reports that offer rigorous statistical analysis on the biometric parametric improvements and overall program engagement. These reports allow the city to demonstrate program sustainability and success to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  

Once you decide to work with us, Strive will assign your organization a personal project coordinator who will be responsible for every aspect of your relationship with us. This person will work with your organization to determine your Fitness Program Assessment, Management, and Reporting needs and decide if a full program review is necessary – or if we can dive right in and start creating data reports. Your coordinator will also help you to determine any additional service offerings you may need – from Onsite Fitness Classes and health-education workshops to Health Screening or Health Challenges – and can implement those locally or on a nationwide scale.

For every service that you select from Strive, your organization will be protected by our comprehensive liability coverage. That includes workers compensation and a provision of services, so no matter what, your organization will be indemnified of all liability.

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