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Fitness Center Design & Development

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An onsite employee fitness center can be one of the most important aspects of your Corporate Wellness Program. This one facility often serves as the centerpiece of your whole initiative – where your employees access exercise classes, health coaching, nutritional services, stress management programs, and more. Relying on experts like Strive to provide Fitness Center Design and Development services to optimize your employee gym can make all the difference when it comes to the engagement and participation in your Workplace Fitness and Wellness Program.

Onsite fitness centers have become a prime perk for many companies across America. Of course, companies offer employee gyms to help improve health and reduce the risk of disease, but recently, having a gym onsite at work has become a way for many companies to attract and retain talent. One report found 75% of employees want a personal touch from their Corporate Wellness Programs – like access to Health Coaching or Onsite Personal Fitness where they can talk to real experts for individualized advice, coaching, and guidance. Employee gyms provide this access, and so much more.

Employers agree that offering an onsite fitness center is a valuable recruiting tool, with 92% of HR leaders believing having a gym helps their companies to stay competitive. Onsite fitness centers provide convenience – which 40-45% of employees say is their primary reason for using it – and allow employees to reap more holistic wellness benefits like social connection with co-workers and stress management benefits. 

The reasons for offering an onsite fitness center are clear, but many companies face challenges when it comes to actually creating the facilities. From construction and design challenges to knowing which equipment and classes to offer to avoiding the huge liability that can arise from poor lighting and ventilation, cheap flooring, and other hazards, many employer wellness committees or designated HR teams struggle with the big picture and can become quickly overwhelmed by the details. 

Strive’s Fitness Center Design and Development services provide you with a seamless process for creating a fitness center onsite at your office that will help attract employees, encourage participation, and yield measurable health and fitness results. From conceptual design to the actual construction to arranging equipment, machines, and more, we’ll handle all aspects of the development, offering you a simplified and streamlined experience. 

With a core level of expertise in workplace fitness and wellness programs management – including designing, developing, operating, and managing fitness and wellness centers – Strive has the knowledge and market insights to shape your employee gym in a way that combines best practices with your individual needs. Leveraging our experience providing onsite fitness and wellness program consulting and management, we use an integrated approach and develop a strategic plan to design and develop wellness spaces.

When you select Strive for Fitness Center Design and Development Services, we'll guide you through the process of determining what your organization needs regarding size, space, and scope. Here's how it works:
  • We’ll start by getting to know your core values, your employees, and your environment so that we can offer the best solutions in facility design and development.
  • As the project evolves, our experts will provide you with comprehensive design and layout plans using the latest in 3D technology to create stunning models. 
  • We’ll assess your construction or space improvements plans as needed to make sure flooring, electrical, and other gym requirements work in accordance with your approved layouts. 
  • We’ll leverage data, research, and results from industry trends along with our long-term success, network, and relationships to deliver accurate benchmarking and innovative recommendations.
  • We’ll apply our expertise to determine appropriate space allocations for cardio, strength, and functional training equipment, along with finding the right places for holistic services, group exercise, multi-purpose wellness space, locker rooms and other amenities. 
  • Then, we’ll propose the optimum combination of equipment, audio/visual systems, types of flooring, number of lockers, HVAC components, electrical outlets, and more. 

Once your employee gym or wellness center has been designed, we'll handle the practical details to get it equipped and up and running. Over the years, we’ve developed an incredible network of equipment manufacturers and service providers that have been analyzed and vetted for the highest quality, value, and reliability. Additionally, our staff of industry experts has established fitness equipment partnerships, so we’re able to offer the best possible recommendations for cardio, strength, and free weight systems based on your budget, space constraints, and anticipated use. We’ll even ensure appropriate warranties and scheduled maintenance are included as part of the procurement process.

Before you can open your doors, you'll need operational procedures and policies in place to ensure your program runs smoothly and adheres to safety standards. Based on our track record of managing fitness centers, Strive has the expertise to help you create those guidelines, so you're fully-prepared when your employee gym opens. We're also happy to provide Fitness Consulting Services and Fitness Center Management Services to help you craft your employee wellness initiative and keep it staffed and running with the latest trends in fitness and wellness programming for your employees. 

Additionally, Strive offers comprehensive liability coverage that includes a workers compensation clause and a provision of services. This means that your organization will be fully indemnified and wholly protected.

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