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Residential Community Fitness & Wellness Services

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With the housing market skyrocketing and new buildings going up every week, condominiums and luxury apartment buildings are adding more and more amenities to make their properties attractive to potential residents and buyers. By adding Residential Community Fitness and Wellness Services like those offered by Strive, you can help your luxury property stand out by providing a benefit that goes above and beyond the typical onsite gym.

The health and fitness club industry in America is booming, bringing in nearly 26 billion dollars annually in the US alone. In fact, memberships at fitness centers have reached an all-time high, with more than 57 millions Americans belonging to gyms. Studies have shown that you’re likely to exercise more frequently the closer a gym is located, and as more adults are focusing on health, they’re looking for homes that can support their wellness goals with onsite fitness facilities. Once “nice perk,” onsite fitness facilities have become a “must have” for many potential condo buyers and upscale renters.

Adding a fitness center to your condo high rise or downtown apartment complex not only makes your property more appealing to tenants, but it also adds value to the property itself. A visible, inviting, and well-equipped fitness center gives apartment buildings a competitive advantage in the rental market – and some have even taken over first-floor retail space to offer residents fitness facilities that are spacious, contemporary, and feature natural light. Condos also benefit from adding onsite gyms, with some properties reporting a significant increase in sales prices after adding upscale onsite fitness centers. These gyms also add physical value to a condo building – and many of the costs can be offset with HOA fees. 

While having a fitness center is appealing, how you put it to use can help to differentiate your real estate property in a competitive marketplace. Adding gym staff or organized fitness classes can set apart your apartment building or condos, making it even more desirable to potential renters or buyers. Residential Community Fitness and Wellness Services are also a great way to give your gym an instant makeover without having to undertake costly renovations. A few new pieces of equipment and trained staff who can engage your residents can work wonders for your existing residential fitness center.

Of course, trying to internally hire staff to manage your onsite gym or to find instructors for group fitness classes can be overwhelming – not to mention all the potential liability issues. Outsourcing your Residential Community Fitness and Wellness Services can allow your property and your community to reap all the rewards without any of the headaches. 

At Strive we offer a full range of Residential Community Fitness and Wellness Services to take your residential gym to the next level. By working with us, you'll get the advantage of our incredible industry-expertize along with our exceptional customer service. When you work with Strive, these are just some of the benefits we'll deliver:
  • a minimal administrative burden for your staff
  • simplified interactions with a single designated liaison  
  • a nationwide network of service providers 
  • centralized invoicing
  • qualified, certified and professional instructors
  • safe equipment and facility coordination 
  • a wide range of today’s hottest fitness classes
  • ongoing engagement and marketing strategies
  • flexible programming that can be adjusted in real time
  • comprehensive liability coverage

If you’re looking for onsite staff to help your residents engage with your facilities and programming, Strive can provide part-time Onsite Personal Trainers. These fully-certified fitness professionals can come in on an as-needed basis to supervise your facilities, provide education and instruction, and even teach classes. Onsite Personal Trainers are an affordable and effective alternative to hiring full-time staff while still giving your community the necessary professional fitness support.

Strive also offers Onsite Group Fitness classes that can improve engagement and optimize the resident use of your facilities, while allowing your community to reap the health benefits of group fitness like improving fitness levels, body mass, and cholesterol, significantly lowering stress levels, and increasing quality of life. Strive's wide-range of Onsite Group Fitness classes include today's hottest workouts:
  • Tabata Training 
  • Spin Cycle Classes
  • TRX Circuit Training
  • Mat Pilates
  • Functional Fitness
  • FUN Bootcamp
  • And more
Best of all, you can adjust your class schedule regularly, offering the newest fitness classes and most popular options that will attract new renters or buyers. 

One of the unique benefits of working with Strive is our nationwide network of certified fitness staff, service providers, and vendors. That means you can implement your Residential Community Fitness and Wellness Services in a single building, in several properties around town, or in communities you own or manage nationwide. Strive will customize each program to offer the specific services you need at each property and will coordinate all features and programs you select – providing your operations team with one set of paperwork and invoices for the whole initiative.

When you opt for any or all of Strive’s Residential Community Fitness and Wellness Services, you get the added peace of mind of comprehensive liability coverage. Our coverage includes workers compensation and a provision of services that fully-indemnifies your organization of risk. We'll even distribute and manage electronic liability waiver forms for your residents.

As soon as you start outsourcing Residential Community Fitness and Wellness Services Management to Strive, we’ll provide you with a designated Program Manager to become your single point of contact. That person will be your sole liaison, doing everything it takes to keep your fitness facilities running smoothly with minimal demands from your organization. Your Strive representative will:
  • Hire prescreened certified instructors and staff
  • Acquire any necessary equipment
  • Coordinate the location/facilities
  • Provide flyers, posters, and other marketing materials
  • Coordinate resident enrollment, including online scheduling or sign up sheets
  • Generate regular reports and program assessments
  • Create single-source invoices that include all your services
  • Handle any other program administration, minimizing your paperwork

It couldn't be easier. Anything you need – or anything your residents want – can be arranged by Strive and incorporated into your program seamlessly, effectively, and feasibly.

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