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Hospital Fitness & Wellness Programs

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With Americans facing more health challenges than ever before, tackling issues from obesity to opioids, more and more hospitals are taking steps not just to treat disease but to help prevent it. Hospital Fitness and Wellness Programs, like the ones offered by Strive, can help employees, community members, and patients all improve their health and fitness levels, avoid dangerous health conditions, and improve their overall well being. 

Everyone in America uses health care in some way – whether it’s for a prescription, a vaccination, a doctor’s visit, or a surgery – and health care now makes up approximately one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Hospitals play a significant role in health care services, and there are currently over 5,500 registered hospitals in the US, including 4840 community hospitals, 956 run by state and local governments, and 209 federal hospitals. They see a combined 35 million patients each year and have expenses that total over $9.9 billion annually.

Because hospitals are on the front lines of health care and interact with so many Americans, they are in an ideal situation to reach patients with healthcare education services and wellness programs that can help to prevent or manage disease, improve physical fitness and nutrition, reduce stress, and more. For that reason, Hospital Fitness and Wellness programs are becoming standard in the same way that most companies now offer corporate Wellness Programs. In fact, today, 87% of hospitals provide health and wellness programs. The most popular programming includes:
  • safety programs (ergonomics, workplace violence, etc) (92%)
  • tobacco free facilities (92%)
  • disease management (77%)
  • stress management (74%)
  • health screenings/biometric assessments (72%)
  • personal health coaching (62%)

Hospitals can provide these services for both patients or community members – or both, allowing anyone to enroll in a class and reap the health and wellness benefits.

Of course, hospitals also have their own employees and support over 16 million jobs in the US economy. Hospital Fitness and Wellness Programs can also be offered to facility staff, helping healthcare workers themselves to do everything from manage stress to get health screenings to incorporate better nutrition or more exercise into their busy schedules. 

Fitness and Wellness Programs aren’t just popular; they also have a proven track record of effectiveness. One study found that taking part in just one wellness activity improves health and lowers risk for disease. Participants who enrolled exclusively in a health coaching program were more likely to reduce any five of the following seven health risks:
  • Blood pressure
  • Body weight
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Inactivity
  • Stress
  • Tobacco Use

While these participants only did health coaching, this study found that when participants engaged in multiple wellness program activities, like taking Onsite Fitness Classes or working with an Onsite Nutritionist, their risks were lowered even more. 

At Strive, we offer a diverse catalog of programming to help you design a well-rounded Hospital Fitness and Wellness Program that will suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for services for your patients, your employees, or your community members – or all three, we can create a comprehensive program that seamlessly incorporates individual elements for each audience you need to reach. Even better, Strive operates nationwide, so we can implement your desired programs in one hospital, in a group of hospitals in the region, or in a network of healthcare facilities across the country.

Strive has extensive experience working with hospitals to create employee-facing wellness programs, community health and wellness services, and initiatives to improve patient well being. Some of our accomplishments include:
a custom-designed wellness challenge that included onsite fitness classes to help a Sacramento healthcare provider engage and motivate community members a partnership with county hospitals in San Diego to offer Art Therapy and Dance Therapy classes for patients
Therapeutic Yoga services for veterans working with the US Department of Veterans Affairs
creating onsite fitness centers in hospitals, designing and developing the facilities and then providing management services to keep them running effectively

To help you customize your Hospital Fitness and Wellness Program, Strive will designate a personal project coordinator to work with your organization’s HR point person or wellness committee. That single point of contact will handle everything related to your program, starting with identifying the audiences you want to reach and then helping your team decide which components to include, always keeping your budget and any other factors in mind.

Once the scope and programming of your initiative has been determined, you can relax while your Strive Project Manager takes care of the details to get your Hospital Fitness and Wellness program running. This includes every aspect, like:
  • Hiring prescreened, fully-qualified instructors
  • Providing marketing materials for employees, patients, or community members
  • Establishing a programming schedule and coordinating facilities
  • Handling online class enrollment or sign up sheets
  • Distributing and managing electronic liability waivers
  • Generating administration and invoices for all services directly from Strive.

After your program is underway, Strive will provide you with regular real-time reports that help you assess participation and engagement. That means you can add or remove classes at any time, and you can adjust your program scheduling based on popularity and demand or participant request. 

To protect your organization from any risk associated with your Hospital Fitness and Wellness Program, Strive carries comprehensive liability insurance. This includes workers compensation and a provision of services, so you’re completely protected from all liability. It’s just one more benefit you get from working with Strive.
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