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Mind-Body Fitness

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Mind-Body Fitness is sweeping the country, with more Americans than ever participating in activities that incorporate both physical and mental components for better well being. In fact, over 18 million Americans do yoga or Tai Chi, and over 10 million take Pilates. By adding Mind-Body Fitness classes like the ones offered by Strive, you can help your community center, retirement home, or hospital participants improve their health, develop strength and balance, and reduce stress.

While there’s no single definition of Mind-Body Fitness, the phrase is used to refer to movement that includes some kind of mental engagement. That could be a simple awareness of your body in space as you move, or it could be a spiritual component in which you try to achieve a deeper level of consciousness. Based on the idea that the mind and body are connected and can have effects on one another, Mind-Body Fitness relies on mindful exercise techniques to align the mind, body, and spirit in harmony.

People who practice Mind-Body fitness approach it with a different frame of mind than they'd approach high impact workouts like spinning, jogging, or a cardio dance class. 
  • Participants come to classes with an internal focus in the hopes of promoting peace of mind through physical movement. 
  • In class, members coordinate their breathing with specific movements, paying particular attention to form and alignment. 
  • The goal is to achieve better physical fitness, mental clarity, and spiritual centering. 
  • The idea is that by lining up the body in specific ways, the spirit and mind also are brought into line, and everything is synchronized.

One of the reasons Mind-Body Fitness may be so popular is because of the way it helps to relieve stress while also improving fitness and wellness. With worries about work, the economy, future situations, personal finances, and more, 40% of Americans are kept awake at night by stress, and 33% feel like they live with extreme stress all of the time. To reduce the harmful effects of all this stress, more employers and communities are incorporating mindfulness techniques like Mind Body Fitness, along with other stress management programs. 

Research has shown that Mind-Body Fitness can be very effective. One study found that practices like yoga and meditation bring on the "relaxation response," which is a state of deep physiological rest. The relaxation response, in turn, has an impact on your immune system, metabolism, and the way your body processes insulin. 

Specific elements of Mind-Body Fitness have also been shown to have individual practice-oriented benefits. For example:
  • Yoga has been shown to reduce pain and depression, can be used to help manage diabetes, and reduces levels of anxiety, tension, and fatigue while improving self-image and self-confidence.
  • Tai-chi provides significant improvements in balance and stability and improves conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol, along with lowering stress and boosting mood.

The Mind-Body Fitness Services offered by Strive include Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates. Classes focus on breath and incorporate simple meditation techniques with physical postures, balance, concentration, and visualization to help participants overcome challenges and move toward enlightenment. Classes also feature soothing music during cool-down and stretching segments to help elicit that relaxation response and all the health benefits associated with it.

All instructors who teach classes for Strive meet the highest standards when it comes to qualification and certification. Our instructions all have nationally-recognized certifications in their areas of expertise and also have completed a minimum of 200 hours of instruction for the type of class they're teaching. Additionally, Strive prescreens each Mind-Body Fitness instructor with a rigorous background and reference check. 

As soon as you choose Strive as your Mind-Body Fitness services provider, we'll assign you a personal project coordinator who will work with you to create a program that's right for your participants and your budget. This coordinator serves as your sole point of contact, so you'll never have to track down the right person to help or answer a question. Your Project Manager will help you identify the services that are right for your organization and guide you through the implementation process. When you work with Strive, we'll:
  • Hire fully-credentialed and prescreened instructors
  • Coordinate the facilities and any equipment needed for your Mind-Body Fitness classes
  • Provide flyers, posters, and other marketing to announce your program
  • Help participants sign up online or with a sign-up sheet
  • Share and collect electronic liability waivers
  • Streamline billing and administration for all services
Strive also protects you by offering comprehensive liability coverage that includes workers compensation and a provision of services. That means your organization is wholly indemnified of all risk if something goes wrong – although we're proud to say we've never had a single claim since our founding attesting to our emphasis on safety across all of our operations.

In addition to Mind-Body Fitness classes, Strive offers a full range of wellness programming that includes everything from Stress Management – like Mindfulness Meditation – to Musculoskeletal Strengthening – like Onsite Stretching classes – that can complement your community wellness curriculum. We also offer Onsite Fitness Classes, Onsite Personal Training, Health Coaching, and more to help your community members enhance their fitness at every level. If you choose to add additional components, each one will be coordinated by your designated Project Manager. 

Since Strive operates nationwide, you’re welcome to launch your Community Wellness Program at a single location and expand later or launch it simultaneously in facilities across the community or across the country. Strive will coordinate with additional vendor and instructors or your behalf, so your program will stay simple and easy to manage no matter how complicated your needs become.

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