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Hypertension Management Programs

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Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US, and over 735,000 Americans suffer heart attacks, and 795,000 suffer strokes each year. In an effort to prevent these potentially deadly conditions, many retirement living facilities and recreational centers are looking for ways to help their communities adopt healthier behaviors that can reduce risk factors. Programs that focus on managing disease – like the Hypertension Management Programs offered by Strive – are becoming increasingly popular for their effectiveness at helping participants get these types of conditions under control.

Hypertension, which is also known as high blood pressure, is a condition in which your blood places too much pressure on your arteries for a sustained period of time. As your heart pumps blood through your body, that blood exerts pressure on the walls of your arteries as it moves to your organs and other body parts. That measurement of force is known as blood pressure. Your blood pressure can fluctuate throughout the day – increasing when you rush to catch the bus and then returning to normal as you relax – but if it stays elevated, it can cause a myriad of health problems – including damage to the heart. 

About one in three Americans has high blood pressure – amounting to roughly 75 million people. Another third of Americans have prehypertension, which is blood pressure that's higher than average but hasn’t yet reached hypertension levels. Each year, 410,000 deaths are related to hypertension, costing the country nearly $47 billion in health care, medication, and missed work. 

Many of the risk factors for high blood pressure are related to unhealthy behaviors. These can include:
  • Smoking
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Unhealthy body weight or obesity
  • Excessive drinking
  • Eating a diet high in salt and low in potassium
Changing these behaviors can reduce the risk of hypertension considerably, but only half of Americans diagnosed with high blood pressure successfully manage the condition.

Because hypertension can be prevented and reversed, more and more communities are looking to Hypertension Management programs like the ones offered by Strive to help residents learn how to adopt the healthy behaviors and habits needed to prevent the condition. These programs focus on education and disease awareness and offer specific guidance on how to measure and control blood pressure over time.  

Research has shown that Hypertension Management Programs are proven to effectively help Americans manage high blood pressure, resulting in fewer deaths and lower associated healthcare costs. One study looked at a large scale hypertension program over the course of 12 years and found that the ability of patients to control high blood pressure increased from 44% to 90%. As a result, there were 24% fewer heart attacks and 42% fewer deaths from stroke among those who participated in the program’s multifaceted approach to blood pressure control. 
Strive’s Hypertension Management Program takes an innovative approach by combining health information technology, peer support, feedback, and incentive programs to help participants become more aware of their blood pressure and how to control it. The program also works to improve knowledge of cardiovascular health and encourages group members to adopt healthier habits and behaviors. 

Instructors who lead these programs for Strive are required to be certified health and fitness professionals with at least five years of experience working in a community-facing health and wellness field. All Hypertension Management Program instructors have BS degrees, and many also have Masters Degrees in health-related fields. We conduct extensive background, reference, and credential checks to ensure every instructor meets our strict standards of knowledge and professionalism. 

Of course, there are risks to offering any Community Wellness Program, but Strive helps to minimize those by providing comprehensive liability coverage that includes workers compensation and a provision of services. Your organization will be completely indemnified of risk, leaving one fewer worry on your mind. 

If you’ve been considering a Hypertension Management Program for your community center or assisted living facility, Strive can design and implement a program that's scaled to your needs and your budget. We operate nationwide, so your program can be implemented in a single location or across multiple communities or senior living centers around the country.
No matter how extensive your program, it will be managed entirely by a designated Strive project coordinator. This liaison will act as your single point of contact, so you'll never need to worry about who's calling about what or from where. Your Project Manager will work with you to design a Hypertension Management Program that suits your organization's needs and then will do everything to get it running. This includes:
  • Hiring credentialed and knowledgeable instructors
  • Providing flyers, posters, and marketing to announce your program to the community
  • Helping to enroll participants electronically or using sign up sheets
  • Scheduling your programming and coordinating the space where it will be held
  • Sending and collecting electronic liability waivers
  • Minimizing administration and billing by sending invoices from one source
To complement your Hypertension Management Program, you can also add additional services from Strive. Group Fitness Classes, Onsite Nutrition and Health Coaching, and Diabetes Prevention Programs can all support your community members in their efforts to improve their health, get more active, and eat nutritionally. We also offer Art Therapy and Dance Therapy classes, Mindfulness Meditation, Tai Chi for Balance, and a full range of other modalities. Anything you choose to add will be seamlessly incorporated by your designated Strive project manager, making it easy to grow your program over time.

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