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Functional Fitness (Feeling Fit)

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It seems like Functional Fitness classes are popping up everywhere, from boot camp classes in the park to Tabata at the local community center. Designed to help you gain the strength you need to make every day activities more accessible, Functional Fitness programs, like the Feeling Fit class offered by Strive, can be especially beneficial for older adults – providing them with an opportunity to develop their physical fitness in a safe, comfortable environment, all while having fun with their fellow community members. 

Functional Fitness classes incorporate movements that replicate the motions of your everyday life to help make the things you do every day easier. These movements focus on improving strength, balance, aerobic endurance, and flexibility, with an emphasis on correct form and posture. Classes often feature a wide variety of movements, some of the most common of which include:
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Leg Raises
  • Pushups
  • Hurdle Steps
  • Bridging

These types of moves found in Feeling Fit classes are designed to engage as many joints and muscles as possible. By strengthening your muscles together, you teach those muscles to work together. Then, they’ll be ready to support you when you go about your normal activities.

You can complete Functional Fitness moves in a gym or at home – and many fitness clubs are now offering Feeling Fit classes. A fitness instructor combines a specific set of functional fitness movements, focusing on the muscles that most people use with poor form and are prone to injury. Moves help correct that form and strengthen those muscles in a dynamic workout that’s both fun and effective. Popular examples of classes that incorporate functional fitness are Tabata, Boot Camp, and ViprPT, all of which usually combine multiple exercises performed in cycles to increase strength and endurance. 

The idea behind Functional Fitness or Feeling Fit classes is to help improve flexibility, strength, and balance in a way that will benefit your everyday life. For example, regular squats and lunges improve leg strength, which can protect your back next time you need to lift something heavy. Hurdle steps can improve your balance and your core strength, making you feel more confident on your feet and reducing the risk of a fall. By performing these Functional Fitness exercises, your body will be better prepared to handle everyday challenges, and you’ll be less likely to get injured in the process. 

For older adults, Functional Fitness is ideal because it can be modified easily for participants of all levels. While most class members stand, all movements can be completed from a seated position, and lighter weights are used until members are strong enough to progress to the next level. Not only are Feeling Fit classes a great way to boost physical confidence and provide a social outlet, but they also have the potential to increase independence, as every day living becomes more accessible as fitness, flexibility, and steadiness improve.

  • As an evidence-based wellness program, Functional Fitness has proven scientific benefits when it comes to muscle development and flexibility. 
  • One study found that older participants who completed a circuit of 12 functional exercises for four weeks experienced significant improvements in lower and upper body strength, agility, endurance, and shoulder flexibility. 
  • Another study of untrained teenage girls found similar results, with functional fitness providing better movement quality, muscle strength, flexibility and power after six weeks.
  • Functional fitness training also can be effective in helping to prevent injury. 
  • When firefighters underwent a training program to improve core strength and flexibility, the number of injuries was reduced by 42% and time lost due to injury was reduced by 62% over 12 months. 

At Strive, all of our Feeling Fit classes are taught by credentialed certified personal trainers or group fitness instructors. We complete comprehensive background and reference checks and also require our instructors to have relevant experience working with participants of all ages and a variety of health issues. Every instructor can adjust classes according to your community's capabilities and to make safe adjustments for participants with injuries and disabilities.

Any time you offer group wellness services, your organization faces potential liability if someone in your program is injured or something else goes wrong. Strive’s instructor qualification requirements and screening work to minimize this risk, but we also protect you by providing comprehensive liability insurance. Complete with workers compensation and a provision of service, it fully indemnifies your organization of all liability.

Strive makes creating your Functional Fitness Program simple by assigning you a personal project manager to handle all of the administrative details. Your Project Manager will work with you to best determine which elements to include and how often to offer your programs. Then, we'll hire credentialed staff to teach your Feeling Fit classes and work with your organization to coordinate class facilities and equipment. We’ll do everything it takes to get your program started and keep it running smoothly, including:
  • Creating marketing materials to promote your program in your community 
  • Handling sign up or enrollment with electronic liability waiver forms
  • Providing real-time program reports to help you track participation
  • Minimizing administration and billing, with all paperwork coming directly from Strive

Along with your Feeling Fit program, you’re welcome to add additional Community Evidence-Based Well Being services at any time. Strive provides a full range of services to help your community participants manage health conditions, get more active, or participate in creative therapies that promote wellness and peace of mind. Choose from options like Onsite Stretching, Diabetes Prevention Programs, Tai Chi for Balance, and more. 

You can create a full roster of Community Health programming – and Strive’s nationwide services allow you to implement your program anywhere in the country. No matter how many elements you add, your entire initiative will be handled by your Strive Project Manager. That ensures you have one point of contact so that your program runs seamlessly and you're never buried in the administrative details.
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