Municipalities wellness programs

​Strive wellness programs provide everything you need, including:

onsite fitness classes
innovative fitness challenges
health screening events

Municipality wellness programs

Are you a municipality seeking out wellness resources? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’re skilled in working with municipalities, at city and county levels, creating workplace wellness programs. We’ll deliver evidence based solutions for your population health management and help you promote a positive health culture. We’ll help you establish an employee wellness plan for your government employees and community population.

We’ll help you provide wellness programs to your population. Strive works in tandem with you, supporting your population health management goals and objectives. These initiatives can include:

stress management
physical activity
disease management
musculoskeletal strengthening

Our decade of experience includes delivering community health services to municipality clients. We provide a wide-range of evidence-based health programs to communities across the country. These promote a positive culture of health for the local populations.

Some of our most requested municipality wellness programs include:


fitness classes.
Innovative fitness challenges.
Health screening events. 

The best part is, Strive makes wellness easy! Ask our clients. We will provide references upon request. They say things like, “Working with Strive, I felt like I had an entire team on my side.” All Strive municipality wellness programs are delivered in a turn-key fashion. You’ll be assigned a dedicated account management team. Your Strive account management team will take care of everything – including:

Program coordination
Administrative duties
Reporting components

That’s how Strive makes wellness easy for you!

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