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Over the past 10 years, we’ve supported virtually every industry sector, including many Fortune 500 Companies and Government Agencies
Are you a health care organization looking to provide employee fitness and wellness options? Then you’ve come to the right place!
Strive Well-Being works with health care systems in many capacities.
Providing fitness and wellness services to hospital employees, patients, and their communities is one-way Strive contributes to building community wellness.
Need guidance setting up an on-site employee fitness and well-being center at your hospital? No worries.
Strive Well-Being has successfully established fitness centers in numerous health care organizations across the United States.
Looking to keep your hospital employees fit and in a good state of mind?
An ideal fitness and well-being program for hospital workers integrates the golden three wellness factors: physical activity, stress management, and overall well-being.
Each program is customized to your unique objectives. Here’s a sample of Strive Well-Being’s employee-facing hospital fitness wellness solutions.
 Conducting onsite fitness, yoga, and mindfulness classes
 Organizing wellness challenges
 Providing health coaching
 Delivering educational seminars
 Hosting healthy living webinars
 Administering health screening events
 Staffing on-site fitness centers
 Managing wellness and fitness programs
Perhaps you are seeking out patient-facing wellness offerings? Again, you’ve come to the right place. Strive Well-Being has successful experience applying patient-facing initiatives.
Innovative care and recovery approaches, effective wellness promotions, and creative stress management solutions are serious topics at Strive.
Examples of Strives’ patient-facing wellness and fitness solutions are:
 therapeutic yoga
 art therapy
 dance therapy
 onsite fitness classes
If you’re a medical facility looking for employee fitness and wellness, or patient well-being solutions, Strive has you covered. From senior living hospitals, to community medical centers, to Veterans Affairs hospitals, Strive Well-Being will help you implement a custom solution for your population.
It doesn’t stop with the research and planning phase. Implementation of these programs is turn-key when you work with Strive Well-Being.
Strives’ full-service solutions include:
 Providing staff
 Sourcing equipment
 Handling enrollments
 Conducting program assessments
If you’re a hospital in the market for community-facing health initiatives, Strive will lead your initiative to the finish line.
Examples of Strives’ engaging and energizing fitness solutions are:
 Staffing and managing onsite fitness classes
 Implementing large-scale community events
 Organizing 5K runs and walks
 Managing and staffing on-site fitness centers
Strive will guide you through every step in the process of implementing community-facing health solutions.
The Strive process is twofold:
1. To help you design initiatives
2. To recommend a roster of programming
Strive programming components are designed to –
 improve health outcomes
 assist disease management
 boost prevention
After your wellness initiatives are designed, and your programming roster is created, Strive will fully implement and deliver your onsite fitness and wellness curricula. One of the most awesome components about working with Strive, is that agreed-upon initiatives are delivered via Strives’ turnkey process.
When working with Strive, your hospital fitness and well-being program will be supported by a dedicated account management team. Having a designated Strive account manager minimizes administrative burdens on your internal staff.

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