Markets We Serve

Nationwide markets we serve include hospitals, residential communities, developers, government, and corporations. Strive Well-Being delivers workplace fitness and wellness to a wide range of entities. We’re passionate about fitness. One of our core competencies is fitness center staffing and management. Whatever your industry or sector, Strive makes wellness work for you. Workplace wellness is our expertise. 


Delivering flexible, inclusive, dynamic on-site and virtual fitness and wellness experiences for your employees. Since 2008, we’ve  worked with corporations in virtually all major sectors. Providing mid-market and enterprise-sized groups with turnkey workplace wellness components is our expertise. Best of all, our programs require minimal administrative responsibility or internal resources to sustain. All while making you look like the superstar!

School Districts

Helping high schools meet local and state requirements by providing certified athletic trainers. For school district employees, we create turnkey wellness programs. Our school programs improve health and overall well being.

Educational Institutions

Online and offline educational institutions see improved health and wellness from Strive services.  Both students and employees benefit from our group fitness classes. Strive fitness classes are delivered virtually via a Zoom platform or on site, as permittable. Colleges and universities count on us to provide wellness and fitness challenges.

Government Agencies and Military

Strive makes it easy to accommodate service member’s schedules. And we encourage participation. With a variety of classes, we easily meet your population’s exercise needs. Our fun, motivating classes are a sure win. Lots of government agencies nationwide rely on Strive to deliver government fitness and wellness programs


We work with health care systems in many capacities. Providing fitness and wellness services is our niche. Our hospital services reach hospital employees, patients, and their communities. Onsite fitness centers and yoga classes are a popular favorite. Post COVID-19 Strive is delivering yoga and fitness classes virtually via Zoom!

Insurance Brokers

Strive is a strategic vendor for most national insurance brokers and population health management consultants. We provide them with turnkey onsite programs. These offerings support and complement group health management strategies for their clients. 

Wellness Consultants

Markets we serve include brokers and consultants. Health management consultants hire us to develop client wellness plans, annual calendars, program strategies, and more. Our team of seasoned professionals are experts in health and wellness!

Health Insurance Companies

Working closely with health insurance companies, we support health and productivity teams. Executing client strategies by providing onsite physical activity is crucial for this audience. We oversee and deliver their client wellness offerings.

Retirement Systems

We provide health management and wellness programs for retirement systems. Their retired member populations benefit from a wide range of wellness and fitness services. Health screenings and onsite fitness classes are a hit here!

Real Estate Developers

As a world-class leader in fitness center design and development, we’re favored by real estate developers. Utilizing Strive’s fitness consulting services, we are an important partner for success. Property developers count on us to help select cutting-edge fitness equipment. Developers need our expertise in fitness center layout planning and development. We rock at providing ongoing staffing and management solutions.

Multifamily Property Managers

Our expertise and experience in fitness center design and management simplify the multifamily property manager’s job! Existing on-site fitness centers utilize us for professional staffing and management. We’ll provide ongoing staffing and classes at your property or facility. Property managers nationwide contact Strive for supplying management solutions. Bet on us to help attract and retain residents. By providing fitness classes residents want, at times that fit their busy schedules, Strive is a property manager’s dream.

Health Clubs, Gyms, and Fitness Centers

Convenience and flexibility are valuable amenities to your community population. We provide both. Health clubs, gyms and fitness centers rely on our onsite fitness and yoga classes. We provide the classes that meet your population’s interests and goals. We excel at fitness center design and development.

Transportation Agencies

Extensive performance working with wide-demographics of employees makes us a sure fit for transportation agencies. Drivers, rail operators, mechanics, field, and office personnel have all experienced Strive services. Delivering diverse offerings, we support transit agency wellness and health management initiatives.

Special Populations

A number of special populations depend on Strive for keeping healthy and fit. Reducing stress, increasing fitness, preventing injury, and improving well-being are key. Most of our special populations are served through hospital and government-based programs. Though we’re experienced working with unique groups like private schools, wounded warriors, and senior living centers.

Residential Communities

Working with residential communities, we provide onsite fitness offerings. Popular residential services are exercise and yoga classes, personal training, and on-site fitness center staffing and management. Luxury condo communities, senior living centers, and upscale residential buildings trust in our services. We enhance their culture of health, providing modern fitness amenities to residents and tenants.

Health and Human Services Agencies

Over the years, we’ve been retained under Health & Human Services Agency (HHSA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded-grants to deploy workplace wellness and fitness programs to cities and counties. Favorites are group fitness classes and educational workshops.


Evidence-based health programs are required of our municipality clients. Promoting a positive culture of health in their local communities is paramount. Together, we create workplace wellness programs that work. And we deliver their community health services. Municipalities are one of the larger markets we serve.

Utility Companies

Across the nation, we support utility companies with their employee health management. And they rely on us to establish and service wellness initiatives. Musculoskeletal and physical activity initiatives are their focus. In demand utilities programming are stress reduction and pre-shift stretching. Strive is a certified supplier by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Hospitality Industry

Casinos, hotels and luxury residences count on Strive. We create and deliver fitness experiences your guests will remember long after their stay. Designing and managing a state of the art fitness center or staffing yoga and fitness classes are a sample of what we do. Our nationwide presence supports properties across regions.

Native American Tribes

An array of wellness and community health initiatives fuel Native American tribes nationwide. Our experience includes working with diverse Native American Tribes. High demand services we provide include fitness, disease prevention, and overall well-being. Native American populations are a segment of markets we serve.

Let Strive Make Wellness Work for You

In summary, markets we serve, include government agencies to utility companies. We’ve provided fitness center management for hospitals, and yoga classes for schools. As an authority on workplace wellness, Strive supports insurance brokers and private corporations. Whether you’re a developer or multi-tenant property manager, we’ll make your life easier with staffing solutions.

See how Strive makes wellness work for you.


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