Workplace Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Workplace mindfulness and meditation classes reduce stress​. Practicing mindfulness has been shown to make lasting positive changes in your brain’s structure. Especially in the areas related to learning, memory, and perspective. There are many benefits of mindfulness, including:

Boosts to memory and focus

Being better able to control emotional reactions

A decrease in fixating on negative thoughts

Stress reduction


How is Mindfulness Practiced in a Work Setting?

For employers trying to help employees manage stress, mindfulness is a great practice to facilitate learning in the company. Mindfulness skills can be taught onsite at companies, so employees can obtain the benefits of these techniques.

How Do Virtual Mindfulness Classes Work?

Employees register for their classes through Strive’s registration platform. Strive instructors go through a robust operating protocol and framework to ensure client employees have a positive experience every class. Virtual fitness classes are optimized for delivery including audio quality; background; and video standards.

To attain benefits from a “mindfulness practice” or by “practicing mindfulness”, means participating in mindfulness meditation. Participants can meditate alone or in a group setting. In group settings, an instructor provides guidance and encouragement. Meditation time can range from five minutes to an hour or longer. Strive meditation classes are generally 45-minute sessions.

How Strive Gets Corporate Mindfulness Programs Up and Running

We follow a time tested roadmap for launching new fitness programs for our clients that works well for enhancing already running programs.

  • Administering a needs & interest survey to employees
  • Collaborating with the client on maximizing wellness offerings
  • Vetting instructors for the wellness offerings
  • Coordinating location for programs (onsite & virtual)
  • Promoting wellness offerings to employees
  • Hosting sign-ups through the Strive wellness platform
  • Fulfilling program schedule
  • Reporting & program assessment
  • Streamlined Billing

Clients have a Strive account manager as their point of contact to ensure their new fitness initiatives are launched on schedule and any ongoing tailoring.

How Much Do Corporate Mindfulness Classes Cost?

We believe simple pricing best serves the customer. Instead of separately charging for coordination, our online wellness platform, and everything in between, we offer it all in a single fully-burdened cost per unit. Clients interested in weekly recurring classes over extended time frames also enjoy discounted rates per class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sort of Screening Process Happens with Strive Mindfulness Instructors?

Strive instructors go through a rigorous screening process before they are presented to our clients.

  • They undergo thorough background checks
  • Thorough reference checks
  • Thorough certification checks (nationally recognized)
  • Meet experience requirements
  • Screened to motivate, encourage, & engage employees

What if an Instructor Isn’t a Good Fit With the Team?

We will take care of supplying a better match, because of how important it is to have instructors that harmonize with your team.

When we search for a replacement, we aim for a quick and seamless transition that doesn’t interrupt the cadence of delivering your classes every week. New and long standing partners can expect the same attention for ensuring their teams can participate in their fitness classes without interruption.

How Does Strive Fitness Programs Handle Liability?

Strive has comprehensive liability insurance coverage that fully-indemnifies our clients of risk. We prioritize safety, which is reflected in our internal safety policies for staff, services, and facility management.

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