Is the summer heat deterring you from your usual workouts? The heat can make anyone not want to work out, however; you can use the weather to your advantage. If you are used to exercising in the afternoon, when it is hottest in the summer, try moving your exercise time to the early morning or during the sunset.

During these times, the temperature is changing and you get a chance to view a beautiful sunrise or sunset. It’s a great opportunity to do yoga, go for a run or bike ride. Another reason to enjoy the heat is the chance to start swimming again. The water will cool you down from the heat of the day and it is also great exercise.

Summer is also a time when you get the chance to have the whole family together, why not take the opportunity to go outside and play a game, play in the sprinklers, go to the beach or enjoy some other activity together. This way you are getting the entire family involved in some summertime exercises.

So, don’t let the heat get you down, get outside and have a fun workout! Don’t forget to drink lots of water while you”re out in the sun and remember to check with you doctor before beginning any new intensive workout!

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